A Cat’s Life – Lawrence Bousquet

A Cat’s Life

A Cats Life - Lawrence BousquetHaving been on the road for what felt like eternity I found a sea side village and thought it was time for a break. I pulled into what must have passed for a main street around here and found a little Bistro to relax and refresh.


As I walked in there were no customers in the four or five tables but it was a nice warm day. I could see what looked like a door to a back patio and went to check if someone was there. Just as I got to the door way a tired looking young lady came around the corner and we almost collided but managed to miss each other. I caught the plate falling off her tray and she said thanks.


In a rushed voice she said, I am so busy today I think the whole village came in for lunch today. On top of that my waitress is home sick. There may be one table out back on the boardwalk if you don’t mind waiting a bit.


No, I said that would be lovely, but I have been driving all morning and could really go for a cold beer.  Sure pick one out from the fridge under the bar and I will get you a menu. See you out there. I have to get this sub out to Frank or he will leave again without paying saying I took too long.


She muttered something under her breath I couldn’t hear, but figured it was directed at Frank. I grabbed a beer out of the bar fridge and came out on to the board walk. There was indeed one table left in the far corner. Fortunately for me there was only one chair which was fine as I was travelling alone. I didn’t notice the look from the locals and didn’t really much care. If I had though I may not have sat down.


The chair and one leg going into the deck and I had to pull it out. Setting it aside I sat were it looked safe and opened my beer. It was so cold and refreshing that before I knew it the beer was all gone. And I did not see the waitress anywhere.


Getting bored I started to look around and noticed under that broken board I moved the chair from was a silver ring with a red stone in it. Thinking it was valuable to some one here I reached to pick it up and a strange feeling came over me. Within seconds I had become about 8 inches tall and was under the board walk.


Looking up through that broken board I could now see the waitress. Too bad I didn’t get her name. I tried to yell for help but she could not hear me over the noise. She looked annoyed picking up my empty beer and thinking I had run off without paying. Then she was gone again taking care of customers.


The noise above me was crushingly loud to my ears. I had to get away. Carefully around discarded cigarette butts and broken glass I headed off down to the beach. Thankfully when I shrank in size so did my clothes. It was good choice to wear my hiking boots as now today looked like there was a long walk for me to make.


This story was inspired by the Weekly Writing Prompt 5/17/2017:  Write a short story about a cat city that exists beneath a boardwalk.



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  1. Hi Monna and Lawrence! I love your take on this. You’ve made a perfect scene here. Everything to fits together so well. Would love to hear what other things would pop up in this story. Great job, Lawrence!
    BG Jenkins recently posted…There are “No Writing Emergencies”My Profile

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