A Special Angel Visit

From the Weekly Writing Prompt of 3/28/2017 I chose this prompt to write about: A Special Angel Visit

Writing Prompt: The crowd stared at the sky, mesmerized by the face peering out among the clouds.
A Special Angel Visit
At first they saw the face of an angel with outstretched arms and a loving smile on her face. As she came closer, it was obvious that she was there just for me. She stepped aside and motioned with her arm for me to look behind her. At first I could not see who or what it was she wanted me to see and I wondered “What is going on and why me?”

Slowly the face behind her became clear and so real.  It was my dear husband Rea. God and the angels were letting me be with him one more time.

I still couldn’t touch him but I could see his smile and I could hear his voice.  He told me that he loved and missed me so very much and he was sorry that he had to leave me alone but that I was to remember that he is always with me in my heart and watching over me each and every minute of every day.

With tears streaming down my face, I held my arms up to him hoping I could hug him one more time and for a moment, I wanted to go  and be with him.  I didn’t want to feel this loneliness and pain of him being gone anymore.  I told him how much I loved him and missed him.

A Special Angel VisitHe reminded me as he did hours before he left this world to be with the angels on that Sunday morning; “Your time on earth is not done. You need to be here for our daughter and our grandchildren and other family and friends that need you and love you. I will be here waiting for you when it is your time.”

Though I could not actually feel his arms around me, I could vividly remember what it felt like.

I didn’t want him to go but he told me that we were granted this special visit and that we were not to be greedy but grateful of the time we did have.

Little by little he faded back into the clouds and I could no longer see his face.  The angel who had escorted him on this miracle journey held her hands out to me and then placed them over her heart and whispered; “He wanted so much to see you again one more time that God let you both have this few minutes to spend with each other.”

“Be thankful my dear and know that there are many here that love and miss you. You needed to see and talk with Rea again, just as much as he needed to see and talk with you. Remember, he is always with you.”

Wiping the tears from my eyes, I looked up and the angel was slowly rising back up to the clouds and then she also disappeared.

After it was all over, I looked around to see all of the other people still looking to the sky. They did not see or hear what I did. God gave Rea and I a special gift.

With tears still in my eyes, I finished my walk around the lake before going home but feeling so happy and blessed that I had been given a special gift of a few more minutes with the love of my life.


A Special Angel Visit
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A Special Angel Visit



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  1. Monna, what a beautiful story, and a delight to know that someone special is always watching over you.

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