Who Is Monna Ellithorpe?

I am a 59-year-old widow, mother to 1 daughter and “nanna” to 2 grandchildren, living in SW Florida.

I worked for General Electric Company for 15 years and thought I would be there for life until time to retire. Well as we all know, nothing is forever. GE downsized their facilities and I was laid off. I’ve spent the last 18 years working from home doing medical transcription.

Since becoming a widow in August of 2008, I have fought with grief, loss of concentration, major depression, anxiety and total financial loss. I have come very close (too close) to becoming homeless. I tell you these things, not to make anyone feel sorry for me but to share some of my life with you so that you can see that you can recover from almost anything if you have the will to do it and plenty of good friends and family to help.

I have been through many things in my life good and bad. Some people may have gone through much worse than I have and maybe I have gone through much worse things than others have.

My point is that we all need someone to lean on, learn from, talk to, confide in and trust in whether it is about something personal, starting a new business or just needing a friend.

My wish is to be there as a voice of motivation, inspiration and hope if you are going through some hard times.

Within this blog, I will share my writings, my thoughts, my inspiration and what motivates me to write. I will also be there as a mentor for “wanna be writers” and those who may be thinking about writing.

I am a writer


My writing will contain a little bit of everything, such as:  Comedy – Sadness – Humor – Sarcasm – Anger – Love – Advice – Devotion – Respect – Reviews – Music – Books – Videos – Interesting Stories – Random Thoughts and Lots of Memories.


Monna Ellithorpe-Author