Artie the Spy Fly – BG Jenkins

Artie the Spy Fly

fly_from_aquiziam_dot_comHi… I’m Artie, short for Artificial Eye, and I was developed for AI, or Artificial Intelligence.

Many scientists who are looking for ways to keep our country safe created me in the laboratory. Though I look kind of like other flies, I’m not really a fly… I’m a surveillance expert.

Surveillance means that I closely watch, or observe, bad guys, and report back to my commander with pictures and other information. Some of us were created with the ability to make decisions based on circumstances. That means I can decide if I need to fly in closer, or out further, to capture more information.

Our brigade has different missions. We all have different assignments within the mission, just like families have different chores within the family.

We can also be described as microbots, or mini robots. There are many of us in our country, but we are considered Top Secret. That means we cannot give you a lot of details about what our assignments are.

We were designed to look like small insects. Microbots, which look like mosquitoes, can take a blood sample from bad guys when they can’t get their sample any other way. The bots, which look like bees can sting animals, and make the bad guys dogs, and cats, fall asleep so that they can gather the owners’ information from the microchips planted inside the pets. I am a fly, so I’m designed just to watch you. Since I’m so small, the bad guys hardly even notice me. They can’t tell that I’m not a real fly unless they inspect me very closely.

Scientist’s use us to gather information, so that they can catch bad guys in our country and put them away. I get in as close as I can to take pictures, and listen to what the bad guys are saying.

The hardest part of being a microbotic insect is staying away from people who swat at you. Some microbots have a powerful sting, but there is still concern in being swatted at. If a bad guy were to hit us and break us, then our cameras would shut off, and we would not be able to collect the information needed.

I think it’s time for me to refuel, so I better go. I don’t really eat waste like a normal fly, I am electrically charged, but you would have to ask the scientists to explain that.

Well, that’s about all I can say today. Have a good day. I may “Buzz” you later.

Sincerely BG B.G. Jenkins author writer







(c) Copyright 2017 – BG Jenkins


This is the story that BG wrote for the Writing Prompt 5/10/2017




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