Become An Author or Writer

Become An Author or Writer

Become An Author or Writer-400x267I’ve been online for quite a few years now and I think things are finally becoming a bit more clear to me.  Most of what I learned and have done in the past has been with some MLMs and affiliate marketing. 


It goes with the territory that making money online covers a whole lot of niches and each depends a bit on the other to work.


Go Where Your Heart Leads You

Just within the last year or so I’ve come to the realization that writing is what I’m being led to do online.  It seemed that no matter what I did, it all came down to writing; short stories, poems, random thoughts, writing prompt pieces and just plain free writing.


Once this came to light, then I was faced with the question of how do I get the word out to the people about my writing?  All I knew how to do was market to the “making money audience.”


Over and over, I kept running into road blocks.  I sold some books here and there but nothing like some of the other authors were doing.  What was I doing wrong?


Find Like-Minded Friends and Associates

I want to write and sell my books and make a living doing that but in order to do that, I have to make a shift in my focal point and associate myself with authorswriters, readers and those who have the same drive, the “need to write” and focus on writing as I do.


I started following and watching these writers to see what they were doing. I’m sure you’ve heard the advice given many times, “Find someone who is a success and repeat their steps.” (Don’t copy them but observe their techniques to develop your own).


Go Where Your Target Audience Is

Day by day, like the sun rising, it finally dawned on me.  These writers and authors were finding their target audience and while you can’t make everyone like your work, you can find those who are interested and at least you are then advertising and promoting to the “right” target audience.


I was doing everything I had learned but I was reaching the wrong audience. While some internet marketers read books and some even write books, their main interests are in making money and how to do it.


But, if you are writing a mystery novel or a romance novel, these are not the people to try and convince that your book is the next “Great American Novel” and they can’t go another day without it. 


Where To Find Your Target Audience

  1. Find a forum or a group of writers that you can relate to and build a relationship with those who have the same interest as you do.  A writer who doesn’t seek out other writers or authors is going to go nowhere fast.
  2. Writers Blogs.  Start visiting and reading blogs that have been created and are maintained by writers that give valuable content that you need to take in. You don’t have to follow everyone. Find some that you are drawn to each day and love to read rather than feeling like you “have” to read every blog.
  3. Assess your business and your blog and make a new plan for 2017. In 2016, I tried to combine both writing and marketing on my blog and I now feel it was a big mistake. It doesn’t hurt to provide some marketing information to your readers because they will have to learn how to market their work.  But first and foremost, you are a writer and that is what your readers will expect from you.


Follow Successful Authors and Writers

Let’s take for example, James Patterson, when you look at his site, it is an author’s site about his books, his future book release dates, where you can connect with him on social media and his background.  You don’t see any sections on marketing or how to market on his site. It’s done in such a subtle way that the news gets out to those who love to read his books. Of course, James Patterson is pretty much a name you will see or hear almost everyday. 


Look at J.K. Rowling’s site. We all know she created Harry Potter and her site is all about writing, about her life and how she got started with the Harry Potter series.  There is nothing else mixed in with it on her site. If you look closely, you will see what looks like some notes that she took as she worked on her ideas, characters and plots for her books.  I’ve also learned something new about her; I didn’t know that she also writes under the pen name of Robert Galbraith to write crime fiction. 


And the grand finale, the top writer of all in his genre and that would be Stephen King – As the two previous authors above, his site tells of his books written, future books to be released, his biography and other things that he is involved in such as movies, merchandise and there is also a message board. I’m sure he has people to monitor that for him but I would also like to think that he pops in every now and then to make a few comments. No where on his site do you find anything about marketing.


So as I slowly start increasing my presence online again, I will be coming back with different intentions and a new way of thinking…


“Stop Thinking Of How Far Behind You Are And Start Looking At The Brand New Beginning You Will Have…”

Stop Thinking Of How Far Behind You Are And Start Looking At The Brand New Beginning You Will Have-400x300

While I will still keep in touch with my marketing friends and associates, I’ll be reaching out more to make contact with authors and writers that are both seasoned writers and newbie writers.


My Intentions

I would like to guide, motivate and inspire those would-be authors and writers who have the thought of writing somewhere and someday in the recesses of their minds.


If you have EVER had even the slightest inkling of wanting to be a writer and write a book, please follow along. Click To Tweet

What You Can Expect

question-mark-460863_640Keep an eye out for the Weekly Writing Prompts; I will be giving away some blank journals but I’m not sure yet if it will be a drawing or contest, etc. yet and I want to have live hangouts, either on Google Hangouts or on Skype (still to be decided) to talk about writing, let everyone ask questions or work on a team project and last but not least, we will explore the awesome opportunity we have now to publish our own books either in electronic format or paperback or PDF or make them available in all three formats.


Be All You Can And Want To Be In 2017

Let’s make the year 2017 the greatest year ever and don’t just talk about those dreams of writing, let’s “Do them.”


What is holding you back from writing; doubts, fear of rejection, low self confidence, time, information overload, too many ideas or not enough ideas?


Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


If you have found value in this post, please be sure to share with your friends and associates.


2 comments on “Become An Author or Writer

  1. Hi Monna,

    I do agree that writing has to be first…and continuous, and then finding your audience. There are so many things to learn everyday as things change so quickly, however, it’s the writing that is what puts you in front of your audience in the first place. So happy to see your new site.

    • MonnaEllithorpeAuthor

      February 14, 2017 at 3:05 pm Reply

      Hi Brenda, Thank you. I still have a lot of work ahead of me but I believe I’m on the right track now. Have a great week. 🙂

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