BG Jenkins – Now Let Me Tell You What Really Happened

BG chose the Word Prompt for 3-16-2017 which was:
“Now, let me tell you what really happened …”  Her writing talent really shines through with this one.


Weekly Writing Prompt 3-1-2017Enjoy and please leave a comment and share.

Here’s her take:

We so often start out thinking the sun is going to shine everyday.

Let Me Tell You How It Really Happened

BG Jenkins - Now Let Me Tell You What Really HappenedIt had occurred within a dream,
A lovely path, for me it seemed.

I traveled it- with twists and turns,
With bumps and dips, and weeds to burn.

Where was the green on nearby hills?
No beauty here- no flowered frills.

Only a road with downs and ups.
This dirty path, a bit too much.

“Relax, said God. “Keep moving on.
This dirty road will help you some.

Rough roads appear before the smooth.
There’s tests in life. Come on, just move!”

I tied my shoes, and traveled on
This dusty road from dusk till dawn.

I stopped to rest, and spied a bud,
A perfect bloom thrust forth in mud.

Now looking past the dirt and grime,
This lovely bud came forth to shine.

Just like our hearts…beyond the stains,
Beyond the dust, beauty remains.

Some days are dark. Some days are grim.
Some days we think our chances slim

To find a way, or stay on track;
To find the sun when clouds are black.

Open your eyes to what you see
Inside your heart… your destiny.

Blot out the clouds when they turn dark,
And go within for hope to spark.

That gleaming path you fell upon
Sometimes looks dark. Keep moving on.

Your dream is bright. You’ll find your bud
Coming shining forth in hope and love.


BG Jenkins-Now Let Me Tell You What Really Happened




(c) Copyright 2017 – BG Jenkins

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BG Jenkins – Now Let Me Tell You What Really Happened


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  1. Thanks so much! You’re really sweet!

  2. LOVE! The poem touched my heart. Love it BG!

    Thanks for sharing this Monna. 🙂

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