Book Reviews

As a writer and a publisher, I have the privilege of working with many authors, both first time writers How To Get A Book Publishedpublishing their first book, as well as published authors submitting their next book and I enjoy this work very much.

However, there is a down-side to this profession, Amazon restricts me from leaving comments on any books (both Kindle and Paperback) that I have worked to get published and out to the readers. 

Since I am coming back from my work hiatus, I’ve been thinking about a way to solve this problem and I think I have it.  I read quite a few books on different subjects, so I will be posting my comments and reviews on a book whether I have had a hand in its creation or not.  NOTE: If I’m able, I will leave a comment on Amazon for the author. 

It’s pretty hard to keep me quiet about something I am passionate about and sharing books is a passion of mine.

I will be adding books to this book review section to catch up with those I’ve already worked on as well as new ones.  

I hope you will join with me and help support these authors as they write and share their created worlds with you and the rest of the avid readers out there.



Comment and share in all of your social communities and give them all of the support you can.