Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan_BiddulphI was born in New Jersey into a loving family. Dad worked for a shipping company and mom was a nurse. I was raised in a strong, supportive household so I had an awesome start in life.

As for business acumen I had zero entrepreneurial bones in my body. I figured you went to school, got a job, worked for somebody else, raised a family, and that’s what you were supposed to do.

My life views would change dramatically as I entered the working world.

After having a pretty normal, average life, doing the high school and college bit, I bounced around between jobs. I worked for one of the world’s top 10 software resellers as an inside representative. I also collected checks working gigs for temporary agencies.

Finally, after I tired of the office bit I took a job as a security officer that would change my life. I was grateful for each job I worked but the security guard gig gave me time for serious introspection. I deeply treasured those days because I began to plan a different course in life on the docks of Newark, New Jersey.

I decided to do something freeing with my life. Had no idea what it was at the time but getting downsized – aka “fired” – by my employer sets the wheels in motion.

Ryan has quite a number of books that he has published about his blogging success and Blogging From Paradise. You can see some of his books featured below.

Blogging From Paradise