How to Make Money Online if You’re Flat Broke

How to Make Money Online if You’re Flat Broke

What This Book is About:

how_to_make_money_online_if_youre_flat_brokeThis book was written by Ryan Biddulph who created the very successful travel blog, Blogging From Paradise.  Do you think that traveling around the world to all kinds of exotic places is something you would like to do? 

Well, this book is written in the first person from the author’s own experiences and the lessons he learned along the way.  Some times were tight financially but all of the hard work has paid off.  He is now free to travel and do as he wishes at any given time. 

Ryan stresses the importance of realizing that your own fears are what keep you from making money online.

So many things have changed from the beginning on earning a living online.  You may have to take some paying jobs online or offline to keep the bills paid while you are building your business and how hard to you depends on how much you want to live your life on your terms.

The author is very upfront about his struggles and his determination to do it “His Way” in the beginning of his blogging career and warns the reader that sometimes you have do do things you aren’t really interested in to create an income stream to pay bills.  He also stresses the important fact that people be aware and not let themselves fall into the trap of instant riches online.  It isn’t going to happen.

Take care of yourself; meditate, exercise, stretch, etc. will help give you the successful mindset that you need to have while you are building your dream online.

What I Like About This Book:

Ryan does not try to make you think that blogging and earning money online is easy.  He tells of the mistakes he made and the struggles he went through to get where he is today; Blogging From Paradise.  

He even worked as a freelance writer which is something he did not want to do but there were bills to be paid.  As it turns out, he is an excellent writer and has established his own “writing voice.”   

I’ve been following Ryan long enough that I can tell if he is guest blogging somewhere; usually within the first paragraph of anything he writes.

Establishing your own writing voice is what every writer strives to accomplish. 

Another point that I am very impressed with, is the fact that Ryan “Practices Everything He Teaches” in his books and audio books and he gets to the point without dragging on and on.  

He teaches from Facebook Live videos and usually simultaneous Periscope videos, Podcasts and his books and freely shares his knowledge on how to be successful. 

My Final Recommendation?

I’ve read quite a few of Ryan’s books already (more reviews to be done) and I follow him faithfully everyday on his live videos.  

I totally recommend this book 100% to anyone who is looking to start blogging and earning a living from their blogging efforts. 

It’s hard work and you need to be consistent in what you do but it’s well worth it.

Thank you, Ryan for being a guiding success story that we can follow along and learn from you.

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