Broken Promises – BG Jenkins

Broken Promises

brokenpromisesDon’t give me broken promises,
Or useless empty words.
Respect my need for honesty;
Too many lies I’ve heard.

Don’t tell me that you’ll promise me
A lifetime full of joy,
When ev’ry action that you take’s
Meant only to destroy.

There’s times in life you walk away
When falsehood’s ev’rywhere.
Don’t give me broken promises,
Pretending that you care.

For ev’ry promise that you break
Will one day break you, too.
Don’t give me broken promises;
I’d rather have the truth.

For truth will always set you free.
For truth will help you rise.
For truth affords you strengths unknown,
Above all empty lies.

The truth is good, I promise you.
And one day you will see,
Your lies and broken promises
Have broken you and me.

(c) 2017 Copyright – BG Jenkins

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This poem was written by BG Jenkins in response to the Weekly Writing Prompt 7/4/2017

Prompt #3 : Write a story or poem about a broken promise.

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  1. Thanks Monna for doing this weekly prompt. It is helpful!
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