Clichés – BG Jenkins

Clichés – BG Jenkins

BG wrote this for the Weekly Prompt 5-17-2017 – #3 Prompt. Use 5 cliches in a 20 line poem.



Cliche - BG JenkinsClichés are helpful
In their place-
When slow and steady
Wins the race.

When grass is greener,
Love is blind.
Don’t judge a cover,
Bide your time.

No guts, no glory,
No love lost.
Blood sweat and tears help
Count the cost.

You’re on your high horse
Eat your words;
A party pooper’s
For the birds.

Cute as a button,
Hard as steel
Don’t burn your bridges,
Keep it real.

All talk, no action,
Wakeup call.
Just keep it simple
That is all.

This story was inspired by the Weekly Writing Prompt 5/17/2017: #3 Prompt. Use 5 cliches in a 20 line poem.



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  1. Hello Monna! What a cute poem BG wrote for you. Awesomeness.. Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))

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