Fervidity of a Dustbin Boy

Fervidity of a Dustbin Boy

Some are poor, some are rich
It is not the fact of peace.

Poverty never be proved by dress
It is calculated by the phrase.

When you are paying bills in restaurant
Then, I`m busy with my hungry measurement.

When there is a competition, who can pay the restaurant bill
Then I have nothing for my next meal.

FervidityofaDustbinBoyWhen you are with a healthy breakfast
Then, I have nothing for mine at last.

After breakfast, you go out with great happiness
Then, I have to stay as a helpless.

When you spend bundles of money for honey
Then, I beg from door to door for a penny.

When you feed your friends for proving your brotherhood
Then I search in a dustbin for my food.

When you go coffee shop for coffee
Then I try to help the poor as my hobby.

When you eat a perfect lunch
Then I am busy with searching helpless branch.

When you cheer with family members
Then I`m busy as helpless helper.

When you take rest in a A.C room
Then I think how can I remove the discrimination by my mind broom.

Always you pass your days with laugh
I am a dustbin boy, it is enough.

Why you don`t think about the poor?
Is there any meaning of your nice door?

Try to realize the pain of lorn
You will find your better morn.

May the God gives you such a mind
You will be the best sign of humankind.

(c) Copyright 2017  M Tahidul Alam

M Tahidul Alam









This was not written from a Weekly Writing Prompt but submitted to me by a new writer.  I don’t mind helping to get new writers get their work published and in front of people to read. 


9 comments on “Fervidity of a Dustbin Boy

  1. Hi Monna and M Tahidul Alam,

    This is a very powerful poem. It brings the good and the bad things in life together, and shows how we need to look to those around and give aid to others. We should keep our eyes and our hearts open to other’s needs.
    BG Jenkins recently posted…Writing With Patience or Intensity?My Profile

  2. Hi, Monna Ellithorpe Author BG Jenkins . Thanks a lot from my deep heart to both of you .

    Theme of Fervidity of a Dustbin Boy: In this poem, the describer is very poor. The describer is describing the worst moment and feeling of that time when the rich guys enjoy themselves. The poor guy wanted to tell that “that man is reach whose mind is reach”. When the rich guys enjoy good breakfast, good lunch, good dinner then the poor guy searches his food in a dustbin. He has to manage his food collecting from dustbin. Sometimes, he has to beg from door to door for a peny When the rich guys waste a lot of money at resturent or many food corner. Though the describer of this poem is very poor but the guy has a rich mind. The guy wants to tell the rich people of the world that to keep a good eye to the poor. The rich people has a lot for themselves but if they help the poor, the poor will be able to lead a happy life without hungry. Now we are civilized civilization but when the hunger will be removed then the whole world willl be peaceful for all.

    I just wanted to highlight the situation of the helpless by my poem. I want to eradicate poverty from the earth and increase the consciousness to help the helpless by my writing.

  3. Love and Care is All We Need. That Is God!!! We All are His Image. You are Blessed, We All are Blessed. It’s Not Because Of You and I. God Chose and Loved Us In The Beginning. Love , Care, Love, Care! Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated…. HAVE COMPASSION LOVE IS THE ANSWER PERIOD

  4. Love and Caring Is What We All Need

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