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I have written in some form or another almost all of my life but never considered myself a “Writer” until I published my first book.  Even then as it was an instructional book, I still never thought that I deserved to be called a writer.

Since that first book, I have written and published quite a few more.  Some books have done well, some books haven’t.  But now when people ask me what I do, I feel I can honestly look at them and tell them, “I am a published writer.”

My books are published in many different formats, such as PDF versions, Paperback versions, Kindle versions and also for Nook.  My books can also be read through other mobile devices but I just have the iPhone and a first generation Kindle, so I’m not sure about the availability of my books on all mobile devices.

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Easy Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern – 2nd Edition Paperback

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A Rose For My Soul (a blank page writing journal)

Bride To Widow

10 Simple Ways To Avoid Financial Ruin and Thrive After Your Loved One Dies

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