My First Thoughts of Coins Heat and More

My First Thoughts of Coins, Heat, and More

We moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 2003 and were excited to be in a warmer climate, but there were a few things for us to learn quickly that went along with it.

Newbie Mistakes…

My First Thoughts of Coins Heat and Moredownloadaspdf-small1. Do not pick up pennies on hot days. You will blister your fingers in no time.
When the air temperature is 87 degrees, the asphalt temperature is 143 degrees.
That lucky penny you dived to pick up in Ohio can suddenly give you a
serious burn in Arizona. Is a penny really worth the pain?

2. Playground equipment is a huge concern for your children. Make sure they are playing on slides, or swings, in the cool of the day, and/or their extremities are well covered to prevent injuries.

3. Take care with your pets. The pads on your pets’ paws can become burned when walking on hot concrete or asphalt. Try to walk them on grass or in shaded areas when they need to go out in the full sun. You also have to consider their fur as well can cause overheating. Again, if you must take them out in the middle of the day, make it a short trip.

4. Always carry water. You, your children, or your pets can become dehydrated in a short amount of time due to excessive heat.

5. Cover your skin well with sunscreen and clothing. Most folks in Arizona who work outdoors, begin their days at 4 or 5 a.m. There are also a lot of mountains to hike, and it’s a wonderful form of exercise, but if you feel yourself getting overheated, find a shady spot to sit, and drink plenty of water until you feel like you can continue. Heat stroke is a serious matter.

6. Watch out for the creepy crawlies. In warmer climates, there are also things you don’t consider when coming from a milder one. Fire Ants and Scorpions, just to name a couple. There are more. You don’t want to mess with these guys, they mean business and can bring some serious pain.

Some would say, “I always think before I act.” That may be, but it also may be a hard revision to make when habits have been drilled in for over decades of life.

Warmer climates are lovely, but you have to take the good with the bad…be prepared.

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(2) Write about the first time you found a coin on the ground.

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