Hello Authors and Writers

Welcome Authors and Writers

I-Write-Because-300x225“I write because it draws me to do what I was meant to do. I write my thoughts to clear my mind, create, expand and give those thoughts a voice to help others through trying times. All of my life, I have written and I never knew why.”


I wrote this when I entered a writing contest by Authors Publish on Facebook at the beginning of March 2014.  I didn’t win but it is the first writing contest I have ever entered.  I kind of shocked myself when I just saw the post, wrote it and sent it in.


It doesn’t matter if the paragraph is good or not. The point is that I did not give it a second thought about entering the contest. I just did it without thinking.  A major accomplishment for me.


This is why I write. Why do you write? What is your driving force and inspiration for your writing? Click To Tweet


Are you to that point in your writing career?  I would really like to know what thoughts other writers have about this.


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  1. Hi and welcome to my blog that is ALL about writing; learning, creating, story ideas, resources to make your writing life easier and just plain having some fun with doing what we like to do best and that is creating a story that readers can get lost in and escape for a while to any type of world that they choose.

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