How Does a Rotator Help Authors?

How Does a Rotator Help Authors?

how does a rotator help authors 201x201Actually a rotator can be used in many different ways to increase traffic to a site or to a specific person but in this case today, I would like to explain “How Does a Rotator Help Authors?”

I have a writing group on Facebook called “Create Yourself Through Writing” and it’s been sort of an uphill task to try and revive the group, since I was away for so long.  I have no doubt that we will be able to revive it and make it a safe haven for new writers and experienced writers as well but it will take time.  All writers, would-be writers or experienced writers are welcome to join by clicking here >>> Create Yourself Through Writing

Now, on to explain the rotator and you will also find a short video below. If you are anything like me, visual always helps me to understand things so much better.

A rotator is a small piece of software that is hosted online.  It’s purpose is to provide one main link that people will click on and each time the main link is clicked, the rotator will take the user to the next site in the rotation series.

As I mentioned it can be used for many purposes such as if you have a number of blogs that you like to visit each day.  All you have to do is to load them into the rotator and they are there waiting on you each day. Click on the rotator main link and a site you have entered will display on your computer screen. Click the main link again and the next one will show up and continue for as many site as you have loaded in the rotator.

Watch the short video below for more of a visual understanding of “How Does a Rotator Help Authors.”

Since I’ve started writing, I see how hard it is to write your book, publish and also learn how to promote your book to get it out in front of the most people that you can.  With this rotator, it’s a way for me to give back and help new authors who have dreamed this dream for so long.

Amazon and Kindle has already made the publishing process easy for us, so why shouldn’t we help each other with the advertising, promoting and marketing. 

Enter your name, email, blog URL and/or Facebook profile to the form that popped up or you can also find the form in the footer.  I will check your blog and see if it is acceptable for the audience I have.  On June 17, 2017, I wrote a blog post introducing the idea of Authors Promoting Authors and now it is finally becoming a reality.  If you missed that post, you can read it here >>> Authors Promoting Authors.



One very important thing I did forget to mention in the video was that along with Authors Supporting Authors, it is customary to reciprocate and leave a comment and share on each other’s blog or Facebook page.


Along with helping new writers and authors get noticed by using the rotator, it’s a great way to build your brand.  If you don’t know what a “brand” is, well think of it like this;  What do you think of when I write J. K. Rowling?  Harry Potter, of course.  Stephen King?  Master of Horror, right?  

As a writer you want to use your own name and of course sometimes use a “pen name” if you decide to step out of your normal writing genre. So be consistent with your name, everywhere on your books, social media, articles and even comments on other blogs.  If you have a common name, try using your middle initial if your first and last name is not available and stick with it. 

That’s it for this post.  I hope I can get this out to many, many new and thinking about writers.  We want to add your blog or Facebook site to the rotator.  




Help us share this post to as many friends and associates that you have.  Do you know someone who dreams of being a writer?  Forward this post to them too.  Your efforts will be greatly appreciated. 


Take a look at some of the authors I’ve helped and some who have published their own books.  When you purchase a book, make sure you go back and leave a comment on Amazon or wherever you purchased it from. It really helps new authors more than you know. 

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How Does a Rotator Help Authors


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  1. Hi Monna, just checking in and see that you are set up and ready to go. I will collect my banner for my site tomorrow. Thanks so much for the video. It’s very helpful. It’s been a while since I’ve used a rotator. Again, thanks for putting this together.
    BG Jenkins recently posted…Draw to Win and the Napkin AcademyMy Profile

    • Hi BG. I have it set up but only have a few links in the rotator. I need to scout around and find some new writer blogs to put in the rotator or somehow get people to ask to have their blog put in the rotator.

  2. Hi Monna,

    I am so happy to be a part of your network.

    I really appreciate all your hard work.

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