Hurricane Irma September 2017

Hurricane Irma September 2017

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She formed from the warm waters of the Atlantic
In people, she created such a panic.

She teased and tempted while on her way
That some people became blasé.

When her mighty winds did strike
She still carved her path as she liked

When she had passed and left destruction
We slowly emerged from our safe structures

Irma put us back to a time of our ancestors
With no electric, no TV, no internet, no modern pleasures

Have we become so dependent on technology
That we don’t know how to live without it logically?


Written 9/12/2017 Tuesday after Hurricane Irma hit Florida

© Monna Ellithorpe 2017


We were very blessed and lucky that our family survived without any damage to life or property.  So many others have lost everything.  

Please donate to the Red Cross for the victims of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey

If you cannot donate, then consider donating time to neighbors that could use help in any way.





4 comments on “Hurricane Irma September 2017

  1. Hi Monna, This was a massive storm that caused so much damage as she chose which direction to go while throwing people off as to her course.

    We have become so dependant on technology and need to learn some of the olds ways again. You’ve hit the nail on the head with this one. Good job.

    Again, thankful you and yours are safe.

    • Hi BG. This was sure a scary one. I still cannot understand how 2 houses standing side by side, one can be destroyed and the other nothing touched on it at all. Some thing with trees. Not for us to figure out, I guess. Just learn to take heed and keep safe from them. I’m ashamed to admit it that I am spoiled too when it comes to technology. I missed my computer, the internet, the TV and especially air conditioning but I did enjoy the family time with my grand-kids. Would’ve been nice to have my daughter there too. It was hard going through all of that without her safe and close to me and she was the same because she could not be with her own children. Her new husband kept her safe and I’m thankful for that.

  2. It must be a real shock to be without any electricity. We had that happen in 2008, but found relief at our daughters. We were without electricity at our house which meant no toilet use even or water because both had to be pumped from the ground with electric pump.

    • Hi Cathy, It is a shocker especially in this heat. I wasn’t sure about the water situation at my daughter’s house, so we used it sparingly even though we had many coolers and jugs full of water. Sadly, there are still so many in our town without power. I’ve reached out to some and offered my house but none have taken me up on the offer yet.

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