I Finally Understood What Dad Meant

I Finally Understood What Dad Meant


I wasn’t able to come up with a story from the three Weekly Writing Prompt of 04/24/2017 given, so I went back to Writing.com  (Aff.) and found another one which is below. 

I Finally Understood What Dad Meant

WRITING PROMPT:  Paddling the canoe down river, I finally understood what Dad meant…

When he said that being in this place was as close to God’s work as you can get. 

Just look at the trees, the flowers, the breeze blowing the leaves and the crisp clean smell of the air and the water.

I finally understood what Dad meantAs I continued to paddle down the winding river, I could see the trees were so dense in most places it was as if there was a roof over my head.

Then at times there were fast glints of sunlight making its way through the trees and the leaves.

The wind blowing the trees and leaves was the only way the sunlight could shine down on the water in front of my canoe.

I became more and more aware of all of the sights, sounds and smells around me in this; God’s country that I have the privilege of experiencing today.

Only me at this time, could hear the birds chirping and singing to each other and what soothing sounds they are.

There’s not a soul in sight or in sounding distance but me and the Creator of this wondrous beautiful woods that this peaceful river flows through.

Taking the time to lay back in this canoe and let the bit of current carry me through the woods, while I enjoy this serene time before I have to leave but I will forever remember this day as the day “I Finally Understood What Dad Meant.” 

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2 comments on “I Finally Understood What Dad Meant

  1. Hi Monna. This is so peaceful and serene. It’s funny, too, how when we’re young we don’t think about what our parents say to us, until something like this hits and our eyes are opened. Great job on this… sounds like a nice and relaxing vacation being near the water (though I’m not big on canoeing… long story). Wonderful post. I can feel the breeze and see the canopy of the trees.

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