It Was Then He Heard the Music

It Was Then He Heard the Music

It Was Then He Heard the MusicThe life he led, a silent one
From youth to this day now.
Through many years of loneliness
His longing was for sound.

He lived for ev’ry lovely smile,
Or light in brilliant eyes.
He lived to feel vibrations of
Loud thunder in the sky.

So many years had passed him by,
Which added to his fear;
A new procedure now arrived
Which claimed that he might hear.

And then soon he heard the music;
A miracle it seems.
His ears opened to sound again;
An answer to his dreams.

It was then he heard the music,
Birds singing in the trees-
The sound of raindrops on the roof;
Kids laughing easily.

It was then he heard the music,
The sound, a tender kiss;
The simple sounds found in a day,
Were sounds most often missed.

It was then he felt the music
Rise up from deep inside
Both songs and sounds of mem’ries past
Have made him come alive.

He is thankful for the music
Which streams live in our midst;
Which lulls us onto peaceful paths,
And brings us joy and bliss.

BG Jenkins ©2017

Sincerely BG transparent author writer (1)







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It Was Then He Heard the Music-








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