Lonely Day is Lonely Night

Lonely Day is Lonely Night

This poem was submitted to me in response to the Weekly Writing Prompt 6/27/2017, #3, Falling in love wasn’t intended to be so painful.  The author of the poem is: M Tahidul Alam.

LonelyDayisLonelyNightHow is your life?
It`s on the fame.
And, just like the fame is a game.
It depends definitely on cost,
My life is full of lost.
When I love
I miss her,
She always forget
I am a Jar.
I am not new
To you ,
Love has a lot
Not a few.
The meaning of gallantry
A lot of agony.

(c) Copyright 2017 – M Tahidul Alam


Lonely Day is Lonely Night




4 comments on “Lonely Day is Lonely Night

  1. Hi Monna and M Tahidul Alam… Beautiful and sad poem. It definitely reflects the pain in a lost relationship.
    Well done. So glad you submitted your response.
    BG Jenkins recently posted…Quotes and Analogies To Learn FromMy Profile

    • Hi BG, Thank you for commenting. I believe this is the first thing that he has ever had published anywhere. He said this was very special to him and I wasn’t sure he wanted me to post it but he said he did.

  2. Hi Monna Ellithorpe, Unlimited thanks to you for publishing my Poem. I am grateful to you. This is my first English poem. I am really so much happy now.

    Hi BG Jenkins, Also a lot of thanks to you for commenting on my poem. I am very much happy cause my poem is under both of your liking.

    • Hi M Tahidul, You are so welcome and thank you for having the courage to put your first piece of work to the public. If you can, make sure you get a gravatar picture, so it will show up when you comment.

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