Memories of My Childhood Home

Memories of My Childhood Home

Memories of My Childhood HomeI don’t get back to my hometown very often but the last time I did I wanted so much to see the house that we lived in just before we moved to Florida.

I remember driving by it so slowly and trying to remember some of my childhood in that house. As I’ve mentioned before I don’t remember a lot about my childhood but sometimes things do come back to me.

I was able to find this picture using Google Earth of the house we used to live in back in 1963 before moving to Florida. Looking at this Google Earth photo, things came to mind just as they did when I drove past the house the last time I visited Ohio.

It seems so small now and when I was a child, it seemed so big and gigantic. The front yard going out to the highway was so far away back then but when I look at this photo view, it’s not far at all. Obviously it’s winter time when the picture was taken because all of the trees are dead. I remember climbing this tree. It looks like it’s ready to fall down if anyone tried to climb it now (see picture).

The driveway looks like it is the original hot mix asphalt that my Daddy put down. I remember walking across that hot mix and burning my feet. I was always getting hurt in some way or another.

As you came in the driveway, we had a garden on the right. There wasn’t a fence where there is one now but of course I’m remembering back 54 years. We only grew vegetables for ourselves.

It looks at though there is now a wheelchair ramp leading up to the side door that wasn’t there before. I remember playing outside the door with an empty bottle of Prell shampoo and I dropped it. It was a glass bottle and yes, I stepped on a piece of glass and cut my foot.

In the back of the house was a root cellar that my Mom let me decorate and use as a playhouse. From the picture, it doesn’t look like it’s still there. I recall it being so cold down in the cellar. I guess that’s why they could keep canned food there without spoiling.

It’s not clear but there used to be an outhouse at the far end of the driveway, in front of where the truck is now. I don’t think that it’s still there after all these years.  Did you ever have to use an outhouse?  Ick, I hated that.

We had our family dinners here every Sunday. My grandparents, my aunts and uncles, my sisters, brother in laws, nieces, nephews and cousins were all there.

One last memory I have of this house is November 25, 1963 watching the funeral procession after John Fitzgerald Kennedy, our 35th President was assassinated. I watched this with my Dad and my grandfather and 54 years later, I can still hear the clip-clop of the horses hooves as they pulled the caisson carrying the Presidents body through the streets of Washington DC and the somber sound of Taps being played.

This was the first time, at 6 years old that I was aware of death and aware of what a President was and the sorrow and devastation our country went through that week.

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Memories of My Childhood Home


This story was written from the Weekly Writing Prompt 7/25/2017 –  (2) Write about a return visit to your childhood home.

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10 comments on “Memories of My Childhood Home

  1. I really love stories like this, Monna. Maybe it’s because I feel a connection with these memories also. I remember the glass bottle of prell. There was a pearl in the bottom. When I was 6 we also lived in a small white house…that was the house my sister’s little green box was in. I can remember using my grandmother’s out house. I agree… ick. And the year JFK died, I remember the horses hooves… and Jon Jon saluting his dad’s horse drawn casket as it drove by. This was such a nice read, with both lovely and bittersweet memories. Thanks for sharing it.
    BG Jenkins recently posted…Secrets, Scoundrel, & Delights in KDP ReviewMy Profile

    • Hi BG, This prompt, like your last piece just came to me when I read the words. I originally was going to write about the rose but when I read the prompts again, this one came to me. I don’t know why John, John saluting his father doesn’t come to me in memories. I know I saw it but for some reason that picture didn’t stick with me until many years later. I don’t remember a pearl being in the bottom of the Prell bottle. Maybe Mom took it out before she gave the bottle to me.

  2. Hi Monna,

    So wonderful to read your special memories of your childhood home. Interesting how your memory of JFK’s funeral procession is so vivid.
    Edward Thorpe recently posted…Why Smart People Do Dumb ThingsMy Profile

    • Hi Ed, Thank you so much for visiting and commenting. I don’t really know for sure why it stuck with me like it has but when I saw the picture of our old house, that was one of the major memories I had of living there. I do know that both JFK’s and RFK’s deaths had a great impact on my being so patriotic to our country, our Flag and to all of those who serve to keep us free.

  3. Monna,
    What a lovely story of your memories of your childhood in that home.
    I had a similar experience when I returned to visit my childhood home many years later.
    It seemed so small, but as a child the house seemed so large.
    We had a little backyard where we planted veges and my sunflowers grew taller than me.
    We used to play team sports and hopscotch on the street – very little traffic.
    There was a big rock across the street that I loved to stand on, trees in our backyards that we climbed,
    a woods across the street and a baseball field and handball courts.
    Life was good back then.

    • Hi Erica, Thanks for reading and commenting. I see you took a little memory trip back to your childhood too. I think it does us good to do that at times. Life was good back then; no worries, no problems (except for me always getting hurt in some way) LOL. I hope you enjoyed your trip down memory lane.

  4. Monna, thank you for sharing this important piece of your childhood. These kids of posts are so interesting to me.

    By the way, I have had to use an outhouse. It is absolutely less than pleasant.
    Elise Cohen Ho recently posted…Latino Blogger Carlos Aguilar, Big Brown Dad, Featured At UWP ConferenceMy Profile

  5. Hi Monna,

    Thanks for sharing with us the memories of your childhood. 54years is obviously not a small thing at all. I never used Google Earth before. I’m going to check what that feels like.
    Chidiebube recently posted…4 Remarkable Ways to Grow as an Independent Insurance Agent Faster than Your CompetitorsMy Profile

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