Mistakes New Writers Often Make

Mistakes New Writers Often MakeMistakes New Writers Often Make

You decide you want to be a writer and you start searching and researching to find out what is the best way to get started.  Then you are bombarded with blog after blog with a title like “Mistakes New Writers Often Make.”

First thing you are going to find is that you have become completely overloaded with information and you have no idea where to start. You begin to think this is not for you and you give up before you even get started.


Such A Shame To Quit So Early

There are so many people wanting to get your attention and they try and convince you that their way is the “Only way” that you will succeed.

Their way might work for you but I can guarantee it will not work for everyone. You need to search and find someone that you feel comfortable with and you have no doubts or second thoughts in your mind about the way they do business or market their writing.


Develop Your Own Voice

Once you have decided that you are going to start writing, whether it’s blogging, article writing, ghostwriting or any type of writing you have to be genuine and true to yourself. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

How many times have you started reading an article, a blog post or a book and you find yourself just completely spacing out and lost in a sea of mixed up words? I try to at least give it another chance by taking a break and then coming back to read it again. If I still space out, then this is not a writer that I want to follow or work with.

As I said earlier, one person’s writing is not going to be good for everyone but the majority of the time if your writing tells a story, even a personal story, then you will be able to keep your readers’ interest.

I’m not the biggest fan of poetry but there are some that I do like. Take for example the following poem written in 1910 by Marianne Moore, 1887 – 1972 called:

My Lantern
The banners unfurled by the warden
Up high in the air and sink down; the
Is black as a plume on a casque; my
Like a patch of high light on a flask, makes
A gibbering goblin that bars the way-
So noisy, familiar, and safe by day.

Mistakes New Writers Often Make3I hate to say it but this completely bores me to tears and I have to dissect each word in order to make sense of it. Now if you like poetry, you may not have a problem with this at all.


My version would be something like this.

Floating high up in the air the banners unfurled and as they come down they are as dangerously close to black as a blackbird’s feather. The light reflects on the silver flask to illuminate the way as if they were traveling this familiar path in the safe daylight.

Okay, not my best work but that’s my version.

Now, give me your honest opinion of which version you understood better and why.  Go ahead, put your opinion in the comments section below.

It’s okay if you were bored with my version. My point is that we should write from our souls and our hearts, not what or the way everyone thinks we should write.

Tell your stories the way you would talk to a friend. If your writing is more analytical, then that is the way you should write.

You will be much happier and satisfied with your work and have a better time with creating your stories. If you try to write in such a way that is uncomfortable for you, then your readers will be able to see right through you and your story will suffer as a result.

Write what you know and those who have the same preference will follow you and your writing. You can’t please everyone.

Mistakes_New_Writers_Often_Make_Hemingway_EditorEven when you write like you are talking to a friend, there are times that we all need some help in our writing. I’ve been using the “Hemingway Editor”  (Non-Aff.) for the times I get stuck and just can’t seem to write my way out of the corner.

It’s also good for pointing out the words that you tend to over-use or possibly use the same word twice in a sentence which is also Mistakes New Writers Often Make.  The Hemingway editor is available for both PC and MAC and very affordable.

Okay, that’s it for now until Wednesday or Thursday when I will post the new Weekly Writing Prompt. You can still add your story to the previous prompt from last week. Weekly Writing Prompt 3/1/2017

Weekly Writing Prompt 3-1-2017Check out the Hemingway Editor. I promise it will help you with your writing.

Thank you for visiting and reading my post on “Mistakes New Writers Often Make.”

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2 comments on “Mistakes New Writers Often Make

  1. Hi Monna, I agree we all should write from our souls. We will not be loved by all. As far as the poem and your take on it, I have to say I honestly like them both. But I will agree your version clarifies it better. I will have to look at the Hemingway Editor. 😊

    • Hi BG, Thank you for your visit and comment. This was just an example of something I had a hard time understanding in its original form. We all have different likes and dislikes. It would be a pretty boring world if we all wrote and thought the same. Hemingway Editor has helped me out quite a few times when I couldn’t get a paragraph to flow when reading it.

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