The Package – Writing Prompt Inspired

Inspired by a writing prompt from Weekly Writing Prompt 3/28/2017

(1) You find a package at your door with nothing on it but your name.

The Package

Streams of light meandered lowly on the carpet until a final tug on the window-blind cord let in a full invasion of dusty specks dancing, and twirling in free fall, in the sunlight.

“Look at all the rejoicing that light brings to every element of life,” Laurel said to herself.

The PackageA grin touched her lips at her new found revelation, and she continued to watch the beams jump and careen on surfaces outside of the window. The light cascaded from one object to another playing tag with the shadows. It was at this point that Laurel’s eye landed upon a small package placed near the front door on the porch. Quite odd she thought. The porch floorboards had not creaked, or left a clue as to anyone ever being there. She didn’t remember hearing a knock on the door, or the bell ringing.

With a few steps to the door, and a twist of the knob, Laurel inched out in her slightly tattered housecoat and picked up the box. It was a somewhat larger than the size of an index card, and very light. A blue piece of torn construction paper had her name written on top. Though the construction paper was roughly torn, her name was written in fancy script on top of it. “Laurel,” it read. Whoever had written it had taken great time and effort to make it lovely.

She wondered if her imaginary friend, the “Jewelry Fairy,” had left her something sparkly and extraordinary. She often imagined that one day some priceless, and precious gem, would show up just for her pleasure.

“Nice dream, Laurel,” she said aloud. “This isn’t a fairy tale.”

Just to dispense with her theory, Laurel gently shook the box to listen for any possible jingling noises. Nothing.

What’s in this? she asked herself? Laurel strolled back into the living room and over to her desk. Her trusty scissors would help her figure this out. They were sharp and ready for surgery. Needless to say, it took more than a few cuts and snips to work through all the layers of tape to get to the lid. When the lid was free of tape, Laurel lifted it off with a slight touch of her thumb. Tucked inside the box was another piece of royal blue construction paper, like the one with her name on it. This one was neatly folded. She pulled it out of the box and opened it. There was a message on this sheet of paper with the same script that her name had been written in on the outside of the box. It read:

The words you speak become the world you create…
Choose Your Words Wisely.

Different kind of message, Laurel thought. Kind of odd. She wondered what it meant exactly. The only thing she could think of is a Bible verse her grandmother had her memorize as a child.

“The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

She couldn’t remember where it was found, she just remembered that it was there somewhere. Her grandmother used to have her recite it constantly. She just figured it was punishment for saying “ugly things,” as her grandmother called it. Over time, Laurel came to understand that her grandmother wanted her to speak kindly to others.

This message though says you create your world with what you say. The only One that she knew who could create things from words was God. An investigation seemed in order… but that would be for another day.

Not the End… The Beginning of creating your world with words.

The best things come in small packages… What do you think?

BG Jenkins-The Package



(c) Copyright 2017 – BG Jenkins


BG is a wonderful writer and I love reading her stories from the Weekly Writing Prompts each week.  Be sure and share this with your friends and associates on all of your social media sites.


The Package – Writing Prompt Inspired


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  1. BG, thank you again for sharing your stories with us. This is a beautiful story. You are a talented writer and I’ve very happy to share your stories here.
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