Peering Through a Telescope Into the Heavens

Peering Through a Telescope Into the Heavens

Peering through a telescopeYour book among the stars…

You’ve worked so hard on your book to get it the way you like it. You want everyone who’s peering through their telescope to see your book up there shining like the stars in the sky. So, here are some things to look at:

1. Are there any typos in your story?

I know that I have to read and reread and have others read, and I still miss those words that are misspelled. To some of us we think “no big deal,” to others it’s a glaring meteorite coming at them. Everyone may run for cover. Go over and over your story, and correct typos and misspelled words. (I’m guilty here, too.)

2. Are there too many commas, too many words… and/or too much complexity in the sentences?

You want your text to flow like the Milky Way, from sentence to sentence and scene to scene. Too many commas, extra words and complexity may have you dropping into a black hole. Revise, condense, and simplify.

3. Is you story coherent?

This is like looking at the stars to find constellations. Find a way to link your ideas together. Though you don’t want to give your ending away at the beginning, you do want to come to a conclusion that your readers can follow (unless you’re planning for a sequel). When peering through your telescope… the constellation will eventually appear if you find the right links to follow the stars.

4. Do you have a great description?

This one is really important and may be hard to do. Use originality and some pizzazz in your descriptions. Star quality descriptions will be bright, shining and illuminating to captivate the reader. And if they walk away… make sure some star dust was left behind so that they are still thinking about your book.

Just a few telescope observations for today… incomplete at best… with much more to consider. I hope you find these few steps helpful.

BG Jenkins ©2017

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Peering Through a Telescope Into the Heavens

4 comments on “Peering Through a Telescope Into the Heavens

  1. Thanks again, Monna. These are very helpful to keep me writing.
    BG Jenkins recently posted…Word Appeal- What Do Your Words Say?My Profile

  2. Those are such important tips for writing.

    I’m a stickler for spelling, punctuation and grammar. Everyone makes the odd typo, but repeated mistakes really annoy me and I may just give in.

    If your first language is not English, pay someone to check it, or stick to your first language! At least use a spell checker and grammar checker.

    That said, I will confess I sometimes use too many commas and over-complicate my writing. I will try harder!

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    • Hi Joy, The mistakes annoy me too but I find as I get older, I’m making more mistakes. I have to double check my work more than I used to. I agree, so many do not seem to spell check and it’s readily available. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

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