The Secret Antique Hourglass

The Secret Antique Hourglass

I love antique shopping and sales. I’m happiest when I find something from a bygone time.

The Secret Antique HourglassMy imagination will run wild with stories I create in my mind. I wonder who owned the piece, what it meant to them and why it’s up for sale to anyone who has the money.

As I looked the hourglass over trying to decide if I was going to buy it, I had to look at it twice. When I looked closer, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The sand was flowing upwards.

I have to be losing it or someone’s playing a trick on me. There’s no way that the hourglass sand can flow up instead of down.

But here it was, right in front of me doing the impossible. I looked around the shop to see if anyone was watching me, like with a hidden camera to see my reaction. I passed my hand over the top. No strings attached.

What was going on here? I picked it up and turned it over and sat it back down. After a few minutes of the sand running down like it’s supposed to do. I looked again and saw that it was flowing upwards, the same as before.

I had to buy it. There is no way I was going to leave this “little gem” sitting in the antique shop and me walk away from it. The lady rang it up, packed it for me and I took my unusual hourglass home.

I was so excited to get it home and see if the sand would flow upwards like it had in the antique shop. There could have been something causing this that I didn’t see.

I unwrapped it, set it on the kitchen counter and let the sand run down. Nothing unusual. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. I watched and almost as soon as the sand stopped running down, it started running up, like it did in the shop.

Okay, this is strange. There is nothing here at home that would make it go against the Laws of Gravity. No tricks and no stunts at work here.

So I turned it over again, let the sand run as it should and waited. As it started to run upwards again, this time I noticed something I hadn’t before. The longer the hourglass sat there with the sand suspended in air, I noticed the room had a different feel about it. It was as if I were going back in time.

The hourglass was going to answer some of my questions I had when I saw it the first time on the shelf in the antique store.

It was as if I were looking through a window. I could see a family sitting in the living room with lanterns and candles as their only source of light. Off to the right, sitting on a table, I could see the hourglass. The same hourglass I had bought in the antique shop this afternoon.

They were talking and deciding what they were going to do to entertain themselves this evening. They all got up and started gathering around the dining room table. The littlest girl went and picked up the hourglass and set it in the center of the table.

The scene that I was watching started to become hazy and faded away. I wanted to watch and learn more about this family. My own family was coming home and here I stand staring at an hourglass.

I put the hourglass in the cabinet as my daughter walked in. This was going to be my “little secret.”

I will visit the family again to learn more about them at another time and the “Secret Antique Hourglass.”

(c) 2017 Copyright – Monna Ellithorpe

The Secret Antique Hourglass


This is my version of a story to the Weekly Writing Prompt 4-10-2017

The sands inside the hourglass, which you found in an antique sale, suddenly start flowing upward.


4 comments on “The Secret Antique Hourglass

  1. Hi Monna. You’ve got the start of a series here, I see. Loved it. Can’t wait to find out more about the hourglass and that things that have happened in it’s time. I’m working on one. I will post it when I get it done. These prompts are really helpful to keep me writing. Thanks, Monna!

    • Hi Brenda, Thanks so much. After I finished it, I thought the same thing. I could go on with this story line. I’m looking forward to reading yours. I’m glad they help you. They do for me too. I’m getting obsessed about writing again. Just have so much I want to say. LOL

  2. Very imaginative Monna! You will have to write a follow up! 🙂

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