Someone Who Truly Cares

Someone Who Truly Cares

Someone Who Truly CaresThere is someone who truly cares within your grasp
But yet you continue your searching steadfast.

You said you weren’t ready because it was too painful to bear
The past is gone and I with compassion and desire am here.

You hold me at bay, saying it is your way
Isn’t life too short to let someone who cares go away?

Think not of the pain in the past you have endured
But of the heart that is available, that is secure.

I play no games with feelings or emotions
Only the desire to prove devotion.

Think not of living to avoid hurt, sadness or fear
But think of choosing to embrace one who already holds you dear.

No thoughts of your soul or life being captured
But of future moments invested in rapture.

I’ll not try to shackle you with bonds or chains
But give you freedom to accept me with no fear of pain.

There are no ultimatums within my words or what I say
Only the message that life is too short to let someone who cares go away.

(c) Copyright 2005 – 2017 – Monna Ellithorpe

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This was written back in 2005 and I just came across it a couple of days ago.  

When this Weekly Writing Prompt 6/27/2017 came up; 

Falling in love wasn’t intended to be so painful.  

This poem that I wrote came to mind. 

Someone Who Truly Cares



4 comments on “Someone Who Truly Cares

  1. Wow! This is beautiful, Monna! I love it! Love that picture too!
    This is wonderful. Love the sentiment in it! Well done.
    BG Jenkins recently posted…Choose You This Day…My Profile

  2. wow…..really wonderful and great poem.

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