Seren Chickadee by B.G. Jenkins

LillianDeJesus-Testimonial-pictureMonna Ellithorpe has been an excellent mentor and coach for my e-book! She had provided me with step-by-step instructions, along with direct helpful tips. She’s been such an encouragement and I don’t know how I could self-publish without her help.

If you’re lost at self-publishing like I was, be sure to speak with Monna. Thanks! Lillian

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ChristineAdinduThank you so much Monna Ellithorpe for all you do. You have made a huge difference in my life in helping me complete a life long dream project to become a published Author. Finally my first book is out on Amazon and live. I have spent years putting topics together to one day publish them, but I have never had the chance to complete them until now. Meeting you is a blessing it will last a life time. This is an accomplishment for me, the experience is priceless.

Now I know why publishing companies charge so much, most people don’t have that kind of funds to complete their projects. You showed me a way to get my work done and you supported me through the final process. The final process is the hardest part. Thank you so much. I will for ever be grateful to you. I met you just in time to do what I had wanted to do for a long time. This is just what they say “where there is a will there is a way”, doors will open for those who allow themselves to believe. Thanks a million! I am off to my next project!” Christine Adindu                                 

Thinking About Making Money Online-ChristinesBook-Paperback  

Paperback Version (Above)

Thinking About Making Money Online-ChristinesBook-KindleKindle Version (Above)



DonSabelhausMeet Monna Ellithorpe: Not wanting to go through the learning curve of getting into Amazon’s Book Store I was pleased to discover friend and associate Monna Ellithorpe provides just the service I required. She can hold your hand and lead you through the process or do the majority of the process for you. My latest work “How to Get Measurable Results From Your IBOToolBox Membership” is now in the Amazon Book Store thanks to Monna’s excellent service that she provides.

In closing, if you’re part of the 81% and don’t want to spend your time in the learning curve I suggest you contact Monna, you’ll be glad you did. Don Sabelhaus  

Available in Paperback and Kindle Versions


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