The Antique Carriage Ride

The Antique Carriage Ride

I’m a push-over for science fiction and time travel writing prompts.

This is for one of the Weekly Writing Prompt 5-2-2017; the object you buy from a weird antique store makes you live in an earlier time.


I love to learn about history and times gone by, so it’s only natural that I love shopping in antique stores. Sometimes you can find such unique little objects that maybe you’re not sure what they were used for but it’s amazing to find them.


The Antique Carriage RideToday was my day to go shopping at a new antique store that just opened up in our town. I always feel butterflies in my stomach as I go in to a new store. It’s sort of a mixture of a little bit of fear and a lot of anticipation about what I might find.


I knew the minute I walked into the store, there was something completely different about this one. Usually the stores just have small objects but as I walked in, my eyes were drawn to the back of the store when an old carriage sat.


I slowly walked up to it and I could feel such an attraction of energy the closer I got to it. It looked as though it was maybe from the 1800’s or so and I just stood there imagining who this used to belong to and what their lives were like.


I looked around the store to see if anyone was watching me. I wanted to get in and sit down and I wasn’t sure we were allowed to do that. “What if something broke or the door fell off as I attempted to open it?“


The pull from it was too strong. I didn’t see the store keeper anywhere, so I slowly opened the door and looked around inside. Before I realized it myself, I had stepped up into the carriage and sat down and carefully closed the door.


As I began to look around inside the carriage, I noticed from the corner of my eye that the room outside the carriage was starting to dim. I wondered what was going on and decided maybe it was just a power failure at the antique store.


As I sat in the carriage looking around, I felt this sense of weightlessness come over me. I closed my eyes and started to take long deep breaths, thinking this may help me to feel better.


I started to feel less strange and starting to feel normal again and I slowly opened my eyes. I looked out the window of the carriage and I was no longer in the antique store.  


I was still sitting in the carriage but the carriage was now sitting on a busy street and I could feel the horses shifting their weight as they stood where they had been tethered to a rail.


There were so many people milling about the streets and the sidewalk but no one seemed to pay much attention to me sitting there looking totally confused.


I looked to the other side of the carriage and I could see it was parked in front of what seemed to be an old general store, at least this is what it reminded me, from the stories I had read about the 1800’s. 


I was afraid to get out of the carriage for fear of not knowing what would happen. “Would I be left there back in time and would the carriage still be there when I returned from exploring this incredible place I had been taken to?”


I decided to sit for a bit longer and just see what happened. People were still carrying on with their lives as I watched.


From the other side of the carriage, I heard someone opening the door and for a minute I held my breath. “What should I do? Should I say something or sit there in silence?”


It was a lady and a man. The man had opened the carriage door for the lady. The man then put the packages on top of the carriage and tying them down so they would be secure for what I assumed would be a trip.


The lady, dressed in her lovely blue dress which was beautiful but not very elaborate as I had pictured in my mind of ladies dresses in that time period.


This looked to be a dress of a woman of wealth would wear when doing her daily chores or shopping for the day. She was prim, proper and smartly dressed but not dressed in a gown that she would wear to a gala event.  


The man finished with the packages and helped her up into the carriage. I didn’t know what to do. She acted as if I wasn’t even there. “How could she not see me at all? What had happened? Did I fall asleep and this is a dream or am I just privy to be able to take this trip back in time?” 


The Antique Carriage RideAs she stepped further up into the carriage, she pulled the back of her dress in with her and straightened it out the best she could before sitting down.


I was completely invisible to her and there wasn’t much room in the small carriage once she got in. she wasn’t a very big woman, most of the room was taken up by her dress.


Slowly, I reached out for the handle to the door on the other side of the carriage. I didn’t know what was going to happen when I opened that door but I would soon find out. I hesitated for a minute to look at her dress and style of hair and as I opened the door, she started to disappear.


As I put my foot out of the door to step onto the street, that same sense of dull light returned all around me and once both feet were planted firmly on what I thought was the street, it turned out that I was back in the antique shop, standing looking at the carriage.


The store keeper came up to me and asked if I had enjoyed my trip to another time. I wasn’t quite sure how to answer him and he really didn’t give me a chance to answer him. He laughed just a little bit and walked on to another part of the store. 


I stood there in total amazement and shock not knowing what to think or what to believe. I was exhausted and wanted so much to get home now and clear my head.  


Maybe I’ll come back to this antique store again another day and see if I have this same experience again; if I dare. 


© Copyright 2017 – Monna Ellithorpe



6 comments on “The Antique Carriage Ride

  1. Love the story and I picture myself in the carriage as I was reading.

  2. Hey Monna, I want to go with you the next time. What an exquisite scene and ride. Described so beautifully. It does make you wonder, “what if?” Your details of everything are done so well. Love it!
    BG Jenkins recently posted…There are “No Writing Emergencies”My Profile

  3. Lawrence Bousquet

    May 27, 2017 at 11:34 am Reply

    A great read Monna, I love the description of how the shopper got transported back in time and returned. Time travel is indeed a compelling topic to read and write about. I would love to here about her next trip.

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