The Letter – BG Jenkins

The Letter – BG Jenkins

The_Letter“Thank you, Mr. Calhoun,” Jeanne said.

“You are welcome; Miss. Looks like it’s going to be a belly gusher today.” The postman tipped his hat, smiled and then returned to his route.

Jeanne closed the door and rushed to the settee without even saying goodbye. She was so excited to see whom the letter was from, that she didn’t even consider how rude she had been to Mr. Calhoun.

She quickly and excitedly opened her letter. She hadn’t heard from John but once since he’d gone off to the Great War.

Inside was a simple note, which stated:

Dear Miss Smith,

My name is David Adkins, and I’m a friend of John’s. We have been serving together the last few months. John, and another soldier, were sent off on a mission and they have not returned. They have sent troops out to look for them, but they have not been found, as of yet. I wanted to send some of John’s personal notes and letters to you because I know he would want you to have them.

Do not give up hope Miss Smith. They are still searching for John.


David Atkins

The Letter-Folded inside of this letter were a few others…correspondence to John’s employer at National Cash Register, and to a couple other notes to former school friends.

In the middle of all of these, Jeanne found this note:

Dear Jeanne,

How do I mention this;
This thing I hide within?
The distance is my bravery;
My sword, of course, my pen.

I fear to look you in the eye,
And hope you’ll understand,
I’m not the same as I once was;
I’m now a diff’rent man.

I long to see your smiling eyes,
Outshining brilliant stars;
Their depths of sage and em’rald green,
With lashes black as tar.

I long to touch your wavy hair,
And straighten strands awry.
I long to hold your silky hand,
Which sets off butterflies.

I long to tell you that I’d love
To kiss your youthful lips.
If only I knew how you felt,
This secret I’d admit.

I’m picking up my sword, my pen,
For you, my heart’s delight.
With ev’ry breath I’ll honor you;
Of you, my pen will write.

Dear Jeanne, I pray that some day soon
This secret you will know.
For now I’ll keep it close to me-
This secret love, my toll.

Upon reading the note, the tears streamed from Jeanne’s eyes.

Grabbing a handkerchief and wiping tears away, Jeanne prayed for John’s safe return and made a promise to God.

“Father, If John returns home safely, I will tell him that I love him all the days of my life. Time is too precious for us to wait when words need to be spoken.”

(c) Copyright 2017 – BG Jenkins

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This story that BG wrote was in response to the Weekly Writing Prompt 6/27/2017

Number 1:  One fine day, the postman brought me a letter

The Letter – BG Jenkins



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