There is Someone at My Door

There is Someone at My Door

There is Someone at My DoorAs I sat in the easy chair reading a book, I heard a light tap, tap, tap on the door. “Wonder who that could be? I’m not expecting anyone.” 

I put my book down on the table beside the chair and I walked towards the door. 

Tap, tap, tap, I heard it again. Whoever it is, they are getting a little anxious. 

I stood at the door and put both hands flat on the door and looked through the peephole to see who it was. 

How strange, I mumbled to myself. There’s no one there. Was I was so involved in reading my book that I imagined it? Out of habit, I checked the door handle to make sure it I had locked it and it was. 

I went back to my chair and picked up my book and continued reading. 

After a few minutes, I heard again. Tap, tap, tap on the door. Looking up from my book, I tried to decide if I had actually heard something or was I lost in another world while reading? 

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Laying my book down again, I walked over to the door, placed my hands flat on the door and leaned in to look through the peephole. 

Again, I still did not see anyone standing at the door but as I looked closer, I could see someone standing off in the distance and they were also standing with their hands flat on the door, looking through a peephole. 

I really did think I was losing it then. I moved away from the peephole and rubbed my eyes and leaned in to look again. 

This is very, very strange. I’m looking through the peephole in my door, looking at someone looking through a peephole in another door. 


How could this be and what was happening? 

I looked again and saw the same thing. Someone looking through a peephole the same as I was. 

When I looked closer, I saw that she had on black pants and a grey shirt; the same as what I had on. 

What? She has brown hair like I do. It’s fixed the same way I fix mine. She has no shoes on; the same as me. I never wear shoes. 

This is getting to be spooky. How can I look through a peephole and see myself looking through a peephole? 

Then I heard laughter coming from the other room, getting louder and louder. My husband Ray had fixed up some kind of gadget that he attached to a video camera in our living room behind me. 

When I looked through the peephole, I was watching myself look through the peephole. 

As he came out of the bedroom, almost doubled over with laughter, he plopped down on the couch still laughing. 

I didn’t see anything funny about this at all, at least not right now.  Even though I won’t be telling him any time soon, it was a pretty ingenious prank to pull on someone; not a prank he should have pulled on me.

He will pay!


Copyright © 2017 Monna Ellithorpe

This story was written as a result of Weekly Writing Prompt 8-1-2017

(3) What do you see on the other side of the door when you look through a peephole?

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There is Someone at My Door


18 comments on “There is Someone at My Door

  1. That would be quite the prank. This was a wonderful piece of imagination, with bits of fear and fun. Well done. Loved it.

  2. Hey Monna

    What a great imagination! Enjoyed every bit of the post.

    A wonderful read.

    thanks for sharing!
    Sonal Talwar recently posted…Friendship Day: True Friendship is a Priceless TreasureMy Profile

  3. Hello, Monna.

    Its my first time on your blog. Enjoyed the read. Your experience as a writer is reflected in your words.

    I think it needs to be investigated. Such pranks cannot be tolerated.
    Nishant recently posted…Digital Transformation – Need for Business Entities to Cope with this TransitionMy Profile

  4. Oh my goodness. This freaked me out.
    Elise Cohen Ho recently posted…The 15th Tip Link Up Has ArrivedMy Profile

  5. Hi Monna,

    Loved it, and, your husband’s wacky sense of humor, too.

    That ‘Tap, tap, tap’ bit got me thinking about Edgar Allan Poe’s fun stuff. You never wear shoes? Awesome!
    Edward Thorpe recently posted…New Social Security Phone Scam Robbing Senior CitizensMy Profile

    • Hi Edward, This was all created from my imagination but my husband did have a wacky sense of humor; he would have loved this. Yep, hate wearing shoes. I only own about two pairs of shoes which I wear because they say I have to and the ground gets very hot here in Florida. LOL

  6. Hey Monna! You really had me going girlfriend! I spent the last few days with my grandson Bredan, he has the same wacky sense of humor as your hubby.. And he is only 7… Love It!
    Thanks for sharing

    Chery :))

  7. Monna,
    I thought you were seeing a ghost of someone who recently died. That would certainly be a cool contraption but not such a sweet prank to play on someone. It could be quite scary.
    Interesting what happens when you let your imagination run freely.

    • Hi Erica, Yes, it would but my imagination didn’t run along the lines of a ghost this time. Maybe another writing prompt will result in a ghost story. I really like writing when they get responses like this one did. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  8. Hi Monna, very interesting and spooky makes you want to read more and more 🙂 Love it!

  9. Hi Monna,

    Wow! This is an amazing story. So rich and captivating. I just love reading from you.

    Emenike Emmanuel recently posted…5 Best Kept Secrets to Running a Successful E-commerce Business from ScratchMy Profile

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