There Was A Stranger In The House Last Night

There Was A Stranger In The House Last Night

The night went as usual, dinner, TV and then after checking that the doors were locked and the blinds closed, off to bed. 

It was a fairly uneventful night; a few dreams as usual; no strange noises. All in all, a peaceful night.

When morning came, I got up as usual, morning routine and headed to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee.

Upon coming out of the bedroom, there obviously had been quite a lot of action going on throughout the night, as the kitchen counter was full of items from the main bedroom. The living room coffee table was cluttered with stuff and pictures from the wall were setting up against the table.

I continued on to the kitchen not knowing quite what to think and I was confronted with her asking the question to me, “Who did all of this?”

 Still stunned, I shook my head and I said I had no idea. I went to the refrigerator and it was almost empty. The contents of the refrigerator were packed in plastic bags sitting on the small table in the kitchen.

 Again, I was confronted with the question of “Who do you think did all of this?”

 I am looking after the sweetest woman in the world, a 2nd mom to me after my mom passed away and slowly I am watching her slip completely away from us.

 She had been up for what looked like most of the night packing her belongings to leave and go home to some unknown other house that she will freely admit that she has no idea of where it is.

 She has absolutely no recall of ever packing any of these items to go anywhere and still believes that I or someone else has come into the house and started packing.

 There Was A Stranger In The House Last NightIt is true, there was a stranger in the house last night and its name is Alzheimer’s dementia.

 This stranger, who comes to visit, once he/she has made their appearance, never leaves. It continues to stay longer and longer each day and makes his/her presence known more and more each time.

 Despite medications that can sometimes keep it at bay for a while, it gets stronger and stronger and ruins more and more of the quality of life this person so richly deserves in her golden years.

 Sadly, we know the stranger will be back but we do not know for sure when, how long or how many times.

If you will be or are already caring for and dealing with a loved one with some form of Alzheimer’s disease, I strongly recommend that you learn all that you can about this cruel and devastating disease.  

The caregiver needs as much understanding and time off as they can get for their own well-being.

The Best Selling book on Amazon about Alzheimer’s Disease is: The Brain Warrior’s Way: Ignite Your Energy and Focus, Attack Illness and Aging, Transform Pain into Purpose


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8 comments on “There Was A Stranger In The House Last Night

  1. Oh Monna, Hugs. I feel for you, and for your sweet mom. This is one of the hardest things to go through because you can’t reason with this disease, or those who have it. It is so frightening for everyone. Sending prayers your way today, for you and your mom.
    BG Jenkins recently posted…How Young Is Too Young for Affiliate Marketing?My Profile

    • bluejeanwritervoice

      May 29, 2015 at 10:08 am Reply

      Hi BG, Thank you for visiting and reading my story. Your support is greatly appreciated too, especially when it’s been a bad day around here.

  2. Thank you for sharing this powerful and emotional story. Having seen Alzheimers in my own family it is somewhat of a concern. I only saw a small amount of the change as I was too young to really grasp what was going on and was sheltered from the change. But it is later on when you hear stories of what took place and what could have taken place if there had not been and intervention.
    Lawrence Bousquet recently posted…What is Fear?My Profile

    • bluejeanwritervoice

      May 29, 2015 at 10:34 am Reply

      Hi Lawrence, Thanks for reading and commenting. It is a cruel disease, especially when there is absolutely no other health problems at all. It can be scary for children because you never really know what they will do or say at any given time. You pray and do your best to help the patient through it and for your own sanity too.

  3. Oh Monna, I had no idea.
    You probably have no idea that I trained and worked as a support person for a lady
    who had early onset Alzheimers. A lovely woman who I worked with for two years.

    I grew to be a very close friend of Marys. I saw her every day in her little apt, making her lunch and putting her dinner in the frig. Her family saw her on weekends. She was still in the early stages then, occasionally we had problems such as not taking her pills or the bedroom being re-sorted. She fainted one time, luckily I was able to catch her. She had a bad heart condition. She went into the nursing home that my mother-in-law is now in. I was so sad to wave her good bye. that day She passed away due to heart failure shortly thereafter. Others there are not so lucky and live in dementia for years.

    Glenn Campbell has a movie out that was made about his Alzheimers. Such a very sad disease. When you are old you treasure your memories, they have none.
    Kathryn Maclean recently posted…Robert HollisMy Profile

    • bluejeanwritervoice

      August 9, 2015 at 6:10 pm Reply

      Hi Kathryn, No I had no idea Alzheimer’s had hit you close to home too. It is a cruel disease, especially when there is nothing else wrong except a little high blood pressure at times. She’s been getting steadily worse over the last 4 to 5 years. We just try the best we can to get through it.

  4. Hi Monna ,
    It is so sad and I see this disease is getting more and more ,
    My brother in law jst died on it ,my husband visited him this summer
    a few weeks before he died. I was terrible for all around him to
    see him go more and more in this state ,but he asked fro his brother
    one time when he was a bit clear and it seems that he realized he is
    there. It was so bad what everybody around him told about ,I started
    to pray that he gets released. He died soon after my husband left.
    I see one of my friends here dealing with her husbands sickness
    and it makes her very weak as well . God bless you,Monna for
    what you do.
    Thank you for taking care
    Erika Mohssen-Beyk recently posted…The Paper Boat – Be A Witness Of A Dream Come TrueMy Profile

    • Hi Erika, Yes it is a sad disease and a cruel one too. They do have times of clarity but it is short-lived and sometimes they know what is happening to them and sometimes not. It is challenging sometimes to try and keep up but I love her like my mom, so it’s okay. Thanks for your comment and I am sorry to hear that it is hitting close to your home too.

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