Track Your Successes

Track Your Successes

Track_Your_SuccessesDid you know that one of the biggest success secrets is to track your results?

IT’s true. Tracking your goals and your results helps you stay motivated.

It also helps you to learn as you go.

For example, if you try something and it doesn’t work out, tracking that information can help you change Click To Tweet  your approach.

However, tracking your successes is just as powerful.

Each success that you have and goal that you achieve helps give you just a little bit more confidence to continue to push yourself.

You can track your goals simply with a notebook or journal.

Depending on the goal, you might track it with a spreadsheet.

There is also goal tracking software and mobile applications available online.

I find it sort of hard to track things and I guess that’s because everything online goes so fast.

You know yourself, you post something or post an ad on one of the social sites, the last thing you are thinking about is tracking.

However, it’s in your best interest to take the time to track and I’m trying to “practice what I preach.”


Exercise #2:


You can download a free project planner document (copyright Microsoft) Here >>> PROJECT PLANNER DOWNLOAD

Make it a specific point to add information on any kind of an ad, a post or graphic such as where you placed it, when it was placed there and if you received any positive results from this test.  

This is going to serve two purposes:  

  1.  It will let you know if something doesn’t work, so you don’t keep doing it over and over with no results. 
  2.  If you have a positive result from a test, then you can expand on that idea and keep doing it over and over.

This kind of information is “VERY” important to you as a “Self-Published Book Marketing” author.

If you can’t get your books, stories or articles in front of the right audience, then you are not going to be able to earn from your work and eventually you will become disillusioned and maybe even quit.  We don’t want you to quit, so find a way to make it all work.

As irritating and boring as this sounds, do it.  It will produce results in the long run and you will be so stoked to keep on moving forward.


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4 comments on “Track Your Successes

  1. Hi Monna, I’m really bad about not doing this. I with have to get with the system. So glad you posted this. I’ll look at the program and see what it entails. Thanks again.
    BG Jenkins recently posted…Writing With Patience or Intensity?My Profile

    • Hi BG, I know, me too. I’m terrible at tracking. I am working on it. I created a spreadsheet and document the date and time of when and where I share the posts. Still not sure how to track and see which are doing best but maybe that will come next.

  2. Hi Monna,

    I’m always tracking …but not in the beginning of my journey here online. I would put my content out there with no rhyme or reason. Since I realized there was an end-game I chose, I do track. I have a little notebook (yes paper and pen) I carry around with me and then put it on a document on my laptop. I do this because David and I can be out or in the car on a trip and I have to rely my notebook.

    Without a system of sorts, we can end up going around in circles.

    Donna Merrill recently posted…1 Terribly Crippling Mistake Made by Struggling Bloggers – and How To Correct ItMy Profile

    • Hi Donna, I still am not sure what or how I should be tracking. I’m keeping note of when I publish a blog post and when and where I share but from then on, I have to admit, I’m kind of lost on what to do next. Google Analytics for me is useless. I got irritated at it and deleted my info from GA. Probably shouldn’t have done that.

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