Weekly Writing Prompt 2-22-2017

Weekly Writing Prompt 2-22-2017

This week I am trying something a little different by announcing the weekly writing prompt by video.  I hope this will create engagement and interaction with other writers, as well as helping me to be more comfortable with making videos.

I love writing prompts, especially when I read the one for this week that spurs on so many ideas.  After reading it and almost instantly, many ideas came to mind and I can’t wait to write my piece for this weeks prompt.

I do hope you will join in with me and start getting in the habit of writing and feel free to post your work in the comments section below.

Writing Prompt:

Sometimes, on a sunny day, I look at the sky and see…

Feel free to enter your story in the comments section below.  You “WILL” retain all rights to your work that you submit below.

Do you find that writing prompts help you in your writing? 

If you enjoy working with writing prompts, I’m sure others will too. Be kind and share with your friends and associates. 








5 comments on “Weekly Writing Prompt 2-22-2017

  1. Hi Monna,

    This would be my take on your prompt,

    Sometimes on a sunny day, I look at the sky and see all the beauty of the world around me. I see trees, flowers, birds singing, and bright sunbeams coming down to light our world and illuminate everything glorious around us. This sunshine warm us and gives us new ideas, and our thoughts of how to make the day better for ourselves and for others.

    Then I look behind me and see the shadows that those bright sunbeams have cast behind me, and think of the ones who are discouraged and depressed on this lovely day. I want to reach behind me to pull them out of the shadows into the full sun so that they can be lifted up and see that there are brighter days ahead. After all, that’s what they would do for me. Friend are so important on the sunny days, and the days when we are in the shadows.

    This thought came about when reading your prompt and my first thought went to the quote by Walt Whitman:
    “Keep your face always toward the sunshine- and shadows will fall behind you.” (c) 2017 BG Jenkins

    • Excellent Brenda, Exactly what I like to see; first emotion when you read a prompt. I still have to write mine but I still have the thought in there. I love this that you wrote. Now make sure you save this (of course it will be saved here) and we will add it to your blog as a “Random Thoughts” category or something similar. Thanks so much for participating. 🙂

  2. This is my submission to this weeks writing prompt.

    Sometimes, on a sunny day, I look at the sky and see…

    A vision of myself when I was just a child playing with my cousins out in the yard. We would lay down and look up at the big beautiful sky with its soft billowy clouds and hunt to see what kinds of shapes we could find.

    I loved it when the sky was so still and quiet. Your imagination could create many things from each puff of cloud you looked at. If it was a windy day you had to be quick to find a shape and even quicker if you were going to share it with someone.

    Look because they may not see the same thing you are seeing and you may not see what they are seeing.

    A child’s imagination is so uncluttered and spoiled. The longer you lay and look up at the clouds the more shapes you can see. If the wind is moving just right, the shape you have found can seem like its dancing right in front of you.

    It’s sad that as we grow older we don’t take the time to enjoy the simple things in life that we did as children.

    As we entered Mom into the Memory Care Unit last week, she and I sat in the atrium looking up at the same type of puffy clouds that I used to see as a child; this will be a memory that she and I shared. She and I sat there for probably half an hour watching the clouds move, change and dance in front of us.

    I will forever remember that time but I know she’s forgotten it as soon as we stopped looking up at the sky. Cherish your memories and create new ones each day. Tomorrow is never a promise.
    © 2017 Monna Ellithorpe

  3. Lovely post. I agree, memories are to be cherished.

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