Weekly Writing Prompt 3-1-2017

Weekly Writing prompts are an awesome way to get the ideas flowing when you are having sort of a dry spell in your writing – Weekly Writing Prompt 3-1-2017.  

I like to search for writing prompts that seem to create visions in my mind and the words start flowing almost the instant I finish reading the prompt. 

Sometimes its a lot of stress to think about a topic to write on and then decide what to write about it. When you are supplied with the initial thought or idea, your mind is free to let the creative process to start working for you. 

Each week when I’m looking for a writing prompt to share, I admit that I do go through sometimes five or more of them before the words start flowing.  

If the prompts that I share from Writing.com do not start your creative mind to working for you, then Google writing prompts or go to Writing.com and run through the prompts until you find one that works for you and come back to share it in the comments section. 

This Weekly Writing Prompt 3/1/2017 is;


Sit in the rain with your eyes closed.  Describe the setting based on hearing and smell.

Feel free to join in with the writing prompt above or bring one of your own and post in the comments section.

There are so very many people out there that want to write but they are not confident enough or sure that they have something to say.

Let me tell you. everyone has a story to tell and no one can tell it like you do, so step up and write something; anything; just start writing and share it.

Sharing gets easier each time you do it.


Weekly Writing Prompt 3-1-2017If you have found value in this post or know of someone that may benefit from post, please feel free to share.


NOTE: You retain your rights to any written piece you submit in the comment section.

9 comments on “Weekly Writing Prompt 3-1-2017

  1. This is my take on your prompt…but of course I missed a fact, so it’s not exact.

    Refreshing Rain

    Tip-tap pitter-pat sounds are falling on the tin patio roof as I sit. With my eyes closed I am relaxing on my wooden porch swing. A subtle breeze accompanies the rain which sends a chill down me. I rub the sleeve of my pink terry-cloth hoodie and feel the dampness which the breeze is blowing in.

    The chirping of the birds is softening, and I instinctively know that they are settling in for the night. Even while my eyes remain shut, I feel the shadows falling, and surmise that dusk will soon turn to night.

    Pleasant aromas are escaping easily through opened screened doors. The smell from delightful dishes of neighbors near by, mix pleasantly with the scent of jasmine in the yard.

    Things are a little hazy from the motion of the swing, and I’m lulled into a peaceful state, while the rain pitter-patters away… and I am adrift in a sea of bliss in this refreshing rain. © 2017 Copyright – BG Jenkins

  2. Ok, here is my piece on this writing prompt

    Prompt: Sit in the rain with your eyes closed.  Describe the setting based on hearing and smell. Writing prompt 3/1/2017

    As I was walking down the deserted country road, I could see the sky beginning to turn dark and rain would soon be falling.

    I remembered playing in the rain as a child but somehow it just didn’t seem right once I grew older. I thought that maybe that’s why I miss my childhood years so much. I never gave it a second thought about playing in the rain. But I questioned everything at my age now.

    It’s too childish; it’s too cold; it’s… and I could come up with more and more excuses as to why I “couldn’t play in the rain,” even at my age.

    I walked on a little further and found an old house. I decided I would sit on the steps of that old house until it started raining and I would sit there and remember days of long ago.

    Almost as soon as I decided to “sit in the rain,” I began to feel the tap, tap, tap of the raindrops on my head and my skin. I kept my eyes closed. I wanted to relive the times of my youth.

    I could hear the rain hitting the tin roof of the building beside the house. The harder it rained, the louder the noise on the tin was. I turned my head the other way to listen to the other sounds the rain was making on the different surfaces around me. The sounds weren’t so loud anymore. I was getting used to them and I could smell the clean in the air.

    The rain was cleansing the smells of the day; the heat hitting the road, the dirt that would take flight when the wind blew was now staying settled on the ground and the air no longer had a dry smell. It was a cool, clean and fragrant smell. It was almost as if you could “smell the color green.”

    The rain continued on but I dare not to open my eyes, for if I did those vivid memories of my childhood would be tucked away safely in my memory again or at least until the next time it rained. © 2017 Copyright – Monna Ellithorpe
    Monna Ellithorpe Author recently posted…Weekly Writing Prompt 3-1-2017My Profile

    • I love this! What a lovely way to tuck away dreams. Your post also makes me think of the different places we’ve lived and how differently the air can smell when it rains. Lovely post… shutting your eyes to let all the other senses take over.

  3. Hey Monna,

    I always get the ideas when I am calm and happy. Refreshing rain can be a habitat everyone would love.

    But unfortunately, it doesn’t happen often here.

    Sometimes, writing is better than thinking. When you start writing, you get clicked with an amazing idea.

    It happens all the time with me.

    Thanks for your insight.
    Ravi Chahar recently posted…How I Gained 10000 LinkedIn Followers In A Few MonthsMy Profile

    • Hi Ravi, I would love to be able to sit in the rain again as I did when I was a child. In SW Florida, you don’t do that. Too many lightening strikes and too dangerous, so I just remember. Ideas come to be in the strangest places sometimes too. Thanks for your visit and comment.

  4. Dark grey skies today, another rainy day in Washington state, the evergreen state. Most the people who reside in this state are vitamin D deficient. The residents here, after a long Winter are yearning for some sunshine. Teased here and there with occasional outbreaks. Moving into the spring showers of falling rain, the unique smell of wetness off of the grass, trees, and smell of moss in the air. Chilled, moist, damp air and nothing but grey skies today. An uneventful day. “Got no sunshine on this rainy day”. Rumor has it that we are supposed to have a nice day tomorrow. Sometimes, I like the rain if I don’t have to be in it directly. Not only for the certain freshness that’s cleansing the air, but also sitting, meditating and just watching it fall from my back window.

    • Hi Julie, Thank you for visiting and leaving a short story. Since this doesn’t seem to apply to any of the prompts I gave, I assume you made a prompt for yourself and that is perfectly okay. I would say maybe your prompt might have been something like: What does the rain mean to you and how do you feel about it?

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