Weekly Writing Prompt 3-28-2017

Weekly Writing Prompt 3-28-2017

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Writing prompt for 3/28/2017.  I got sidetracked last week and didn’t get the prompt posted or even a blog post written.

I had sort of a hard time picking out the prompts this week, so I hope one of them will spur something in your mind to write when you read it.


(1)  You find a package at your door with nothing on it but your name.

(2)  A bus full of people vanishes.

(3)  The crowd stared at the sky, mesmerized by the face peering out among the stars.


I look forward to reading your submissions to one of the writing prompts.

I do hope each of you realize how important working with writing prompts is to your writing well-being.

Weekly Writing Prompt 3-28-2017When a writing prompt is provided for you, then the pressure has been taken off of you to come up with something to write about.

It’s also the best form of free writing that you can do. Read each prompt out loud and think as you read.

Is an idea beginning to form when you read the prompt?  That’s what I look for.

Sometimes nothing comes to mind and that’s okay too.  Step away and come back, read the prompts again.  If no ideas come to mind, then go to Writing.com (Non Aff.) which is where I get the word prompts from and find another one.  Just let us know what your prompt is about, if you’ve gotten one on your own to write about.

If you do use one of the prompts to write about but you choose not to share it with the public, that’s okay too.  You and only you will know when you are comfortable with sharing your work with others.  Each time you write and share, it gets easier and easier for you to look forward to the next time you get to share your writings with people.

Remember and don’t let it stop you; not everyone is going to like what you write but there are going to be plenty of people out there who will “LOVE” what you write but that’s only going to happen when you share.

Until next week when I share another Weekly Writing Prompt, think more and more about sharing your work.


Sharing this post will help get the word out that new writers have a place to come to learn and begin to feel confident enough to share. Sharing this post will be appreciated.




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Weekly Writing Prompt 3-28-2017


3 comments on “Weekly Writing Prompt 3-28-2017

  1. My Weekly Writing Prompt this week, I chose: The crowd stared at the sky, mesmerized by the face peering out among the stars but I changed it to the clouds. Read my story here >>> http://monnaellithorpe-author.com/a-special-angel-visit
    Monna Ellithorpe Author recently posted…A Special Angel VisitMy Profile

  2. Hi Monna… again, I love your story. It is beautiful.

    Here is my attempt after many days. I had to cut it down a lot because it was getting too long to post it here. I chose:
    (1) You find a package at your door with nothing on it but your name.

    The Package

    To read the rest of BG’s story, click here >>>>> http://monnaellithorpe-author.com/package-writing-prompt-inspired

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