Weekly Writing Prompt 3-8-2017

I decided this week to give you an option to choose on a writing prompt for the Weekly Writing Prompt 3-8-2017.  I admit the ones I’ve chosen before have been topics that brought ideas to me the minute I read them but they may not do the same thing for others.

While I know I can’t choose a writing prompt that will work for everyone, maybe giving three choices will help and create an idea for you when you read them.

Weekly Writing Prompt 3-8-2017:

Write a recipe for love.

In a most unusual place, you discover a force field that changes people when they go through it.

Write about the worst day of your life.


I would like to thank  BG Jenkins for participating each week in the writing prompts. I hope that sharing and spreading the word about the writing prompts will cause more people to eventually join in and try their hand at writing and sharing their thoughts.


Benefits of Writing Prompts

  1.  They take the pressure off of you to think of something to write about.
  2.  Saved writing prompts can possibly become a part of a bigger piece that you work on some time in the future.
  3.  They give you a chance to write out of the genre that you are most comfortable with. You may find you like writing in a different genre.
  4.   You can take the prompt and write from different points of view (POV).
  5.   Many times just the spark from a writing prompt will renew your passion and love of writing.
  6.   Experiment with words that you usually don’t use.


Weekly Writing Prompt 3-1-2017If you have found value in this post and were inspired by one of the prompts, add your version to one of the writing prompts and share with your fellow writers and associates.


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If you missed last week’s writing prompt for 3/1/2017, you can access it here >>>> Weekly Writing Prompt

7 comments on “Weekly Writing Prompt 3-8-2017

  1. Hi Monna,

    Just now seeing this. Here is my recipe:

    A Recipe for Love

    4 cups of smiles
    8 cups of respect
    1 gal of kindness
    4 cups of laughter
    10 gal of forgiveness
    2 tubs of hugs and kisses
    4 cups of heart
    3 cups of loyalty
    5 cups of optimism
    5 cups of honesty
    3 cups of hope
    2 gal of joy
    4 cups sugar
    1/4 cup constructive criticism
    pinch of salt
    drizzle of tears
    slather with sweetness

    Mix all your dry ingredients
    Fold in the wet
    Blend together on medium (or high/your choice)
    Add the sweet toppings
    Bake for a lifetime
    (c) Copyright 2017 BG Jenkins

    Smile and enjoy!

  2. I chose to write about: In a most unusual place, you discover a force field that changes people when they go through it.

    There was a certain area in her house that just had a “different feel” to it. You could walk around it, If you knew where it was. She found that walking through it transported her to a different time and place.

    At first it scared her a bit but she then realized she could come and go as she pleased. Once her initial fear had subsided, she decided to explore this “area” and see what she could find.

    One evening she was sitting alone and feeling very lonely when she decided tonight she would venture into the “force field” on purpose. She wanted to see and explore what this place held for her.

    As if she were going on a trip, she put on some clean clothes, brushed her hair and came back to the empty bedroom where the force field was present. She took a couple of deep breaths and she stepped into the field.

    Right away she could feel a tingling sensation all through her body. It didn’t hurt, it didn’t scare her, it was just something like she had never felt before. She looked back and all she could see was what looked like a blurry or dirty window that she came through. She wasn’t going back just yet. She wanted to see what wonders she could find in this new place.

    She took a couple of more steps, slowly putting her foot ahead of her to make sure the floor was still there. She felt as if she were floating on air or on a cloud. Her foot disappeared into the mist but she didn’t fall. It was solid, so she knew she could continue walking through this wondrous place.

    She walked a few more steps and then she head a voice. It was speaking to her, “Sweetie, I’m so glad you found this portal so you could come and visit me whenever you really need to.”

    She froze where she stood for a minute. The voice sounded like her husband who had passed on many years before. “It couldn’t be him, could it?”

    A few more steps and the mist began to clear and standing before her was her handsome, beautiful and loving husband that she has missed for so long. He held out his arms to her and she ran to him.

    This was real. She could feel his arms around her. She could hear him whispering in her ear that he loved her and all she could do was weep. She was so very happy to be with him again. The hug lasted only a few minutes but it seemed like hours and she didn’t want to let go of him for fear that this was some kind of dream.

    Slowly she stepped back just a bit to look him in the face but she didn’t take her hands away from his shoulders. She wasn’t going to let him go this time.

    She asked him, “How can this be and why did I not know about this for so long? You’ve been gone and I’ve been so lonely for you, why now?”

    He took her hands in his and looked into her eyes. He told her that we had such a special love and such a short time together, that God decided he would let us have some more time together to spend with each other, so he created this force field so we can visit each other at times. It has been there all along but you had to be at a certain stage in your grief before you were open to see and find the force field to visit me in Heaven.

    She looked up at him and said, “So, I’m dead too and we are finally together?” “No, he said. You are alive and well but we have been given this gift by the Creator as he has seen how lonely and unhappy you have been.”

    “This is not something that is going to be allowed each and every day. You can only stay here with me for a short while and then you will have to go back to earth and to your life until it is your time to be with me forever.”

    “So let’s spend the time we have together in each other’s arms and talk like we used to, about anything and everything. It never seemed to matter what we talked about, just that we were together.”

    She held onto him tighter and tighter, not wanting to let go. She didn’t know how much time they would have together and when she could come back. They talked, they sang the songs they loved together, they reminisced of the good times we had and the plans we had made but never got to fulfill.

    It was a dream come true. Just like the picture floating around the internet saying, “I wish there were visiting hours in Heaven.” She felt so safe, loved and comfortable again and really, it was the first time since he left this world to be in Heaven that she felt this way.

    She fell asleep in his arms and when she awoke, she looked around and realized that it was all just a dream. There was never any kind of force field or special area in her house that could transport her to Heaven for a visit but God made it possible for them to spend some time together again in her dreams. It was then that she finally understood that he was always with her and only a dream away at any time she needed him. God is good and gave these two special people this extra gift. (c) Copyright 2017 – Monna Ellithorpe
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  3. Hi Monna,

    You gals are really rockin’ the writing prompts.


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