Weekly Writing Prompt 4-24-2017

Weekly Writing Prompt 4-24-2017

I do hope that there are some of you participating in the writing prompts each week but maybe still a little backward or shy about letting others read your work. This weeks Weekly Writing Prompt 4-24-2017, I hope will see more participation.

I used to be that way about sharing my work but after a few times of putting yourself and your work out in the public for all to see, it doesn’t seem quite so bad and gets easier every time. 

BG Jenkins wrote a beautiful story from one of the prompts last week.  You can read it here>>> Papa Oak and the Grove

Writing Prompts:

(1)  Your pets are out to get you.

(2)  I had nothing to lose, so I …

(3)  Write about an ancient gypsy curse.


Remember to keep any and all of what you write, even if it seems to have no place at this time. You never know when something you’ve written will fit perfectly somewhere in another article, story or book.

I wrote a story to a Weekly Writing Prompt 4/10/2017 called “The Secret Antique Hourglass” and I’ve had a few people suggest that I should continue it on as a book, which I am seriously thinking about doing. 

Many people think that writing prompts are a waste of time. Obviously, I have to disagree with that because one of the prompts I wrote a short story from may very well become a book in the future.  




Take a few minutes and share this post with your friends and associates.  As always, feel free to join in and add your story to the comments section below. 







3 comments on “Weekly Writing Prompt 4-24-2017

  1. Hi Monna, Here is my response to #2 I had nothing to lose so I…

    I got a coach… a team.

    Nothing to Lose

    © 2017 BG Jenkins

    You can read BG’s full story to this Weekly Writing Prompt 4/24/2017 at

  2. I wasn’t able to come up with a story from the three Weekly Writing Prompt of 04/24/2017 given, so I went back to Writing.com (Aff.) and found another one.

    You can read my story here: http://monnaellithorpe-author.com/i-finally-understood-what-dad-meant
    Monna Ellithorpe Author recently posted…I Finally Understood What Dad MeantMy Profile

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