Weekly Writing Prompt 5-30-2017

Weekly Writing Prompt 5-30-2017

Weekly Writing Prompt 5-30-2017Here we are at another Tuesday and time for a new Weekly Writing Prompt 5-30-2017.  I hope you are enjoying the prompts that I find each week. 

Again, I need to catch up with everyone else; BG Jenkins and Lawrence Bousquet.  The last one I wrote was on 5/22/2017, The Antique Carriage Ride

Each week I hope to entice one more new and beginning writer to join in with us and start writing from one of the writing prompts or even bring their own.

Writing Prompt Benefits:

>>>> Create a library of your own work from writing prompts. I have a few saved right now that I plan to use them in a Novelette which is 7,500 to 17,499 words or a short story which is under 7,500 words. Never throw away any writing that you do, even if it’s just a line or a random thought. If the writing prompt itself doesn’t work for a story, reading it may trigger other ideas for you.

>>>> Relieving stress. Writing is a wonderful and productive was to relieve stress. No pressures. No searching for ideas. It doesn’t even have to be in the genre that you normally write. Just take it and let your imagination run with it.

>>>> A little bit of writing “every day” is a way to keep your writing mind active. If you are online at all, everyone does some amount of writing when they comment on blogs, write for their own blogs or answering email. Let your comments be thought-provoking to those who read the comment you wrote. You may even be contacted by a well-known blogger and asked to write a post for them. It has happened many times already.

>>>> When you do look for a Writing Prompt to use, try finding something totally different than you’ve ever written before. Some ideas could be: comedy instead of sad; mystery from another time; base your story in another country. Writing something out of your normal just may open your eyes to story ideas you never dreamed you would write about. Taking a different writing path, you might find you like it even better.

>>>> Many of us have problems with focus. Writing Prompts can also help with getting in the habit of focus. Maybe there is a time deadline to have the writing prompt done; you would have to be super focused to get it done and in on time. Never accept a challenge if you can’t meet the deadline. You need to protect your reputation as a writer who follows through with projects and “DO NOT” leave people hanging or disappointed. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS


  1.  Write a poem about the number 7
  2. Write a short piece about your most vivid childhood memory
  3. Write a recipe for love

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Weekly Writing Prompt 5-30-2017


4 comments on “Weekly Writing Prompt 5-30-2017

  1. Hi Monna, here are my entries for this week. You can choose which you feel appropriate…

    I’ve sent the pictures through email.

    My most vivid memory

    The Little Green Box and My Most Vivid Memory

    You can read BG’s stories here: http://monnaellithorpe-author.com/the-little-green-box
    BG Jenkins recently posted…Bubble Love?My Profile

  2. Lawrence Bousquet

    June 1, 2017 at 3:25 pm Reply

    I like the points you make about writing as I do notice that when I am in that creative space and on fire there are no worries. Sometimes even writing about my worries are a method to get over them.

    Now on to these prompts not sure yet about these ones.

    • Hi Lawrence, That is what I believe is supposed to happen. It takes you away from your own problems and you can create any kind of world or location you want to be in. Always my recommendation to anyone to solve problems or nagging thoughts in your head.

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