Weekly Writing Prompt 7-25-2017

Weekly Writing Prompt 7-25-2017

weeklywritingpromptHas anyone ever heard of Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine?  It’s a regular magazine that has a number of mystery stories in each edition which comes out about six times a year.  No, not trying to get you to buy a subscription, unless you want to (LOL).  This just got me thinking today about the Weekly Writing Prompts. 

I am going to guess that most every writing prompt that you write about is along the same genre each time.  Myself, I am prone to pick anything concerning time travel, science fiction and murder mysteries.  BG Jenkins pretty much always picks something that would be good for children or poems. 

What I'm slowly trying to get to the point of, is the Weekly Writing Prompts that I publish every Click To TweetTuesday,  do you save them?  More than likely they are all related in some way, in a few months you would have enough short stories to publish in a book for Kindle or paperback.  

I have a terrible problem these days with reading long novels and I end up losing interest.  If your book is a collection of short stories, I’m thinking that many are just like I am and maybe you are the same way.  We would much rather read short stories and feel like we’ve accomplished something in a short amount of time.  

The next time you pick up the book, that bookmark is waiting for your to read the next story and you know it’s only going to take maybe 45 minutes to read (if that).  Just a thought I decided to pass along to you.


(1) Peering through a telescope…
(2) Write about a return visit to your childhood home.
(3) You return from a walk on the beach to find a red rose placed in your chair.

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Wishing everyone a wonderful and productive new week.

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4 comments on “Weekly Writing Prompt 7-25-2017

  1. Hi Monna,

    I am more in favor of short stories these days that are fiction. I read so many marketing books I do need a break from reality. I too have lost interest in some novels I pick up. Thank goodness my mom is an avid reader so I pass it along to her.

    Your video has me thinking of looking through that telescope lol.

    Donna Merrill recently posted…8 Expert Blogs Reveal How Passion Impacts Your Blogging BusinessMy Profile

    • Hey Donna, I do hate to admit it but if a book has too many pages, I’ll either skim through it or not even look at all. That’s good to hear your mom still reads. I couldn’t get my mom to read. She said she wanted to “save her eyes.” Huh, for what? Of course I never said that out loud to her.

  2. Hi Monna… that’s what I thought of peering through the telescope.

    This one is different.

    Peering through a telescope…

    Into the Heavens.

    You can read BG’s full story here >>>>> http://monnaellithorpe-author.com/peering-telescope-heavens
    BG Jenkins recently posted…Word Appeal- What Do Your Words Say?My Profile

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