Weekly Writing Prompt 8-15-2017

Weekly Writing Prompt 8-15-2017



I was just thinking back quite a few years ago and remembered that I used to make “Journal Jars” to give away as gifts.  I haven’t heard so much about them lately and wondered if they were still used.  Well looking on Pinterest, I see that they are still very popular. 

A journal jar can contain almost anything you want.  




6034544b5f82ae4626a746384628364b--journal-topics-journal-entriesJournal Jar Ideas…

  1.  Writing prompts.
  2.  Weight loss tips.
  3.  Gratitude Jar.
  4.  Journal Jar for kids.
  5.  Happiness Jar.
  6.  Bible Verses.
  7.  Saving Money.
  8.  Moments to Remember. 


I could go on and on with a list of ideas for a journal jar.  It all depends on what you want to keep track of, write about or encourage yourself to do.  I may start making these jars again to give away. 

Below are the writing prompts for this week.  I’ve included four again this time.  As always, write for one or all.  It’s up to you.


(Writing Prompts are provided by:  Writing.com ) (Aff.)

(1) It Feels Like a Thousand Eyes Are …
(2) Information overload! Can’t find what I really need to know!
(3) It was then he heard the music…
(4) A teenager looking through his telescope discovers a new star.

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Wishing everyone a wonderful and productive new week.


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Catherine Wishart. Literacy Coach. Copyright © All rights reserved.
Catherine Wishart. Literacy Coach. Copyright © All rights reserved.


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  1. It feels like a thousand eyes are watching me…

    (c) Copyright 2017 – Ryan Biddulph

    Thank you Ryan for participating in the Weekly Writing Prompt this week. You can read Ryan’s full piece here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> http://monnaellithorpe-author.com/feels-like-thousand-eyes
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