Why Does Amazon Remove My Comments?

Why Does Amazon Remove My Comments?

This is to explain more in detail about what I found out earlier today and the nagging question; Why Does Amazon Remove My Comments?

In order for Amazon to keep control of the “bad people” who pay to have comments written for a book (Kindle or paperback) they have had to set up parameters and algorithms that track relationships between people even on Twitter and Facebook.

If you are only an acquaintance, more than likely no red flags will be alerting Amazon about your comment.

Amazon uses data mining which gives them a “contact trail” of your association with a person who leaves a comment about your book.

Unfortunately, this tactic, while I agree is needed, the people who are doing the right thing when leaving comments and recommendations are the the ones to suffer, along with the author.

To sum it all up:

  1.  Don’t ask family to go and leave comments on your books.
  2.  Don’t ask friends to leave comments on your books.
  3.  The links you share from Amazon can be tracked to whomever you give them to and when they click on those links. (See below on how to strip the links).
  4.  Never pay for anyone to post a comment or review on your book.
  5.  My innocent attempt to help other authors could be bad for both myself and the author, so this will be removed from my blog.  It used to sit on the right sidebar but no longer as it is a “MAJOR RED FLAG.”

There is a way that you can shorten or strip the Amazon links so it less likely to be tracked.  See the video below.

When you search for anything on Amazon, the resulting URL link gives Amazon the tracking information they need right down to the actual “seconds.”

This is good to learn because we all know we are not allowed to earn commission from our own links.  But I’ve been using my shortened Amazon link (shown in the video below) just because it is shorter and if you weren’t aware, Amazon does not allow the use of external shorteners for their URLs. 

I hope this helped you out in a way that you will be able to keep your Amazon publishing account safe and still be able to receive the comments that you deserve. 



I’m positive that many do not know about this and they would appreciate if you would share these two videos with them. 

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2 comments on “Why Does Amazon Remove My Comments?

  1. Hi Monna. Thanks for finding this information and doing the post. We all need this information. It’s good that you found it, or else we (me) may have continued on and lost my account. It may be time for me to start thinking about another way… Thanks again.
    BG Jenkins recently posted…SometimesMy Profile

    • Hi BG, When you mentioned our comments had been removed from Kathy’s book, there had to be something else we were missing, so I went searching. I hate the information I found but those who don’t follow the rules, cause trouble for those of us who do follow rules. I will just continue doing reviews on my blog.

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